Saniya Ahmed

Saniya Ahmed

Saniya Ahmed is an editor at Fanbyte covering Destiny 2 news, guides, and feature stories. She’s a long-time Destiny player who loves the game for its lore and is a Hunter main. Her bylines include GameSpot, IGN, WIRED, Game Informer, and more.





Season of the Witch, Destiny 2, Bungie
Despite Layoffs, Destiny 2 Still Nominated for Best Community Support

The annual Game Awards show announced its 2023 nominees and Destiny 2 is nominated for the Best Community Support category. However, this comes just two weeks after Bungie laid off several empl...

PVP, Crucible, Sparrow Control
Season 23 Puts Sparrows in Destiny 2 PVP

Bungie is adding a new Crucible mode to Destiny 2 called Sparrow Control in Season of the Wish — the TWID post nods to the new Multiplex PVP map where a bug allowed players to use the...

Season of the Wish, Destiny 2, Ahamkara, armor, gear
Preview of New Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Gear: Dreaming City-Inspired Armor

The Destiny 2 community came together to solve a complicated puzzle in the Imbaru Engine, wrapping up the Season of the Witch story. Shortly after, Bungie congratulated players on Twitter for c...

season of the witch, destiny 2, Secrets of the Spire, Secrets of the Spire I, Secrets of the Spire II
All Secret Triumph Locations in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

Every Destiny 2 season has secrets that take the form of collectibles or puzzles hiding in plain sight, rewarding players with a secret chest. Players can uncover secret Triumphs in Season of t...

The Imbaru Engine, The Cunning Test, chest location, cache tracking mods, Ghost, Season of the Witch, loot, destiny 2, symbol, Hive symbol
Destiny 2 The Imbaru Engine Guide - All Puzzle Solutions

The Imbaru Engine is a puzzle room inside the oubliette in Savathun’s Throne World as part of the Destiny 2 Season of the Witch storyline. 

Destiny 2, Bungie, Trials, Trials of Osiris
Starting Trials Matches With Missing Players Gives Quitter Protection in Destiny 2

Bungie came out with patch today in Destiny 2, bringing a major change to Trials of Osiris. Trials will now have quitter protection for those who start matches with missing players. Thi...

Destiny 2, Bungie
Bungie Addresses Layoffs: “We Know We Have Lost a Lot of Your Trust.”

Layoffs at Bungie this week, left about 100 employees out of a job. So, instead of the usual This Week In Destiny blog post, the developer shared a statement acknowledging player concerns about...

destiny, destiny 2 the final shape showcase, the final shape, the traveler, inside the traveler
Bungie Reportedly Laid Off Famed Destiny Composer Michael Salvatori

Halo and Destiny composer Michael Salvatori was laid off by Bungie, along with several other staff members. Bungie didn't even spare long-time employees, letting go of people who had ded...

Destiny 2, Bungie
Destiny 2 Layoffs Came From Bungie Management, Not Sony

Bungie laid off staff this week, and Bloomberg reported that it was around 100 people. Although PlayStation studios saw layoffs throughout the year, some considered Sony — which acquired the...

Destiny 2, Bungie, The Final Shape
What Comes After Season 23 if the Destiny 2 Expansion Is Delayed?

Bungie laid off some of its staff, and although the scope of it is still unclear, several developers have shared the news on social media. Sony acquired Bungie a little over a year ago, and studi...

Season of the Witch, Destiny 2, Bungie
Layoffs Hit Bungie Just Months Before New Destiny 2 Expansion

Bungie, the Destiny 2 developer under PlayStation, commits to a round of layoffs this year. Now former Destiny 2 community manager Liana Ruppert tweeted about the anxiety...

Destiny 2, Menagerie
PSA: Xur Is Selling the Menagerie Opulent Armor Set In Destiny 2

Every weekend, Xur shows up around the solar system in Destiny 2 to sell a range of Exotic and Legendary weapons and armor. Besides getting god rolls and high-level stat a...

Vex Mythoclast, Destiny 2, Bungie
Vex Mythoclast and Revision Zero Get Anti-Champion Buffs in Destiny 2

In the new Season 23 weapon tuning blog post, Bungie shared changes coming to weapon types, glaives, and Exotic weapons. The Destiny 2 developer also plans on giving the Vex Mythoclast Exotic f...

glaives, destiny 2, glaive, exotic glaive
Season 23 Update Overhauls Glaives in Destiny 2

Bungie teased their Season 23 glaive update in the past few mid-season patches, but we now have all of the details. In a new developer insights blog post, Bungie shared projectile, melee, and shield c...

 Spectral Pages
Players Claim That Bungie Patched Story Mission Farm for Spectral Pages

With Festival of the Lost back in Destiny 2, players have already begun farming and grinding their way through the event card. Like last year, players need to manifest lore chapters by collecti...

Crota's End, Loot table, Necrochasm, Bungie
Bungie Fixed Issue With Crota’s End Challenge Mode Emblem

The Destiny 2 version of Crota's End launched over a month ago, and Bungie finally fixed an issue where some players who completed the Crota's End challenge mode in the first 48-hour...

Memento, Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Players Disappointed With the New Memento

This year’s Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event gives players the chance to get a highly-requested all-black shader, called Twilight Keepsake, but it’s in the form of a Lost Memento...

Memento, Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2
How to Get the Festival of the Lost Memento in Destiny 2

One of the This Week in Destiny blog posts highlighted new features and gear coming to Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost. Besides the new Acosmic grenade launcher, Bungie has another trea...

Destiny 2 Candy Guide - How to Farm Candy in Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost celebration has returned, so it’s time to slap on your costume and clear out the Haunted Sectors. Similar to last year, players enter Haunted Lost Sectors where...

How to Get Spectral & Manifested Pages in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost celebration has returned, so it’s time to slap on your mech costume and clear out the Haunted Sectors. Similar to last year, players will be dropped into Haunte...