Sahil Bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Sahil Bajaj is a Narrative Designer and Game Writer who is currently working as a freelancer. He's worked with companies like Sweet Baby Inc, Veritable Joy and the 4 Winds Entertainment. He plays all Destiny 2 classes equally and is Guardian Rank 11.





Destiny 2, Bungie, melee, Hunter, Titan, Warlock, Arcstrider
Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds for Season of The Wish (S23)

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish is finally here and it came with a significant shake up for the sandbox. From abilities to Exotic armor, there were many buffs and nerfs across the board. As a resu...

Destiny 2 Best Warlock Builds for Season of The Wish (S23)

Season of the Wish is finally here and it came with a significant shakeup for the sandbox. From abilities to Exotic armor, there were many buffs and nerfs across the board. As a result, builds that we...

Destiny 2
12 Destiny 2 Emblems You Could Only Wish For

Emblems are the first impression you leave on a Guardian besides your name. Some emblems are common enough that new Light players can easily get them with minimal effort while others are so rare that ...

Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2, Armor, evil wizards, good wizards
Festival of the Lost Poll Reveals Wizard Armor for Each Class in Destiny 2

The year 2024 has just begun, but we already have news for the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost event. In last week's This Week in Destiny blog, Bungie revealed two armor s...

In the Shadow of the Mountain, quest, Bones, Destiny 2
Finally, Destiny 2 Will Increase Glimmer Capacity

Bungie’s This Week in Destiny blog announced that the Glimmer capacity will be doubled in size in the upcoming 7.3.4 update. So, starting on January 30, the Glimmer capacity for all pl...

The Best Ways to Farm Glimmer in Destiny 2

A massive change in Destiny 2’s economy made Glimmer much more important for players. Bungie announced it would slowly remove Legendary Shards from the game in a This Week in Destiny

Pyrogale Gauntlets, Roaring Flames, Consecration Aspect, Sunbreaker Titan
The Top 10 Best Titan Exotics in Destiny 2 - Season of the Wish

Titans are notoriously known for punching and melee ability shenanigans, and while that power fantasy still holds true in Destiny 2, it’s not the same as it once was with things like the B...

warlord's ruin, dungeon, puzzle, buried bloodline, totem, taken, torch
Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Catalyst Guide - Warlord's Ruin Totem Puzzle

Buried Bloodline is the Exotic weapon reward for Warlord’s Ruin, the latest dungeon for Destiny 2, after defeating the final boss. As has been the case with Exotic weapons for dungeons, Bur...

Destiny 2, Bungie, Dawning, Albedo Wing
Destiny 2 Albedo Wing God Roll Guide - PVE, PVP, & How to Get

The Dawning is back in Season of the Wish and Eva Levante has a new Dawning weapon for players, the Albedo Wing. Here's a guide on how players can get Albedo Wing and what the best rolls are for PVE a...

Destiny 2, Bungie, Dawning, Albedo Wing
Destiny 2 Previews a New Weapon for This Year’s Dawning Event

The latest This Week in Destiny blog updated players on the upcoming Dawning 2023 event. The blog previewed the Dawning upgrades at Eva Levante, a look at the brand-new Dawning Me...

dungeon, Season of the Wish, ahamkara, destiny 2ahamkara bones, ahamkara, Warlord's Ruin, ahamkara bone
All Ahamkara Bone Locations in Destiny 2 - Warlord's Ruin Dungeon Guide

Warlord’s Ruin is the latest dungeon in Destiny 2, and as is the case with dungeons, it has collectibles for players to find. These collectibles allow players to hear lore recordings that furth...

Iron Banner Brings Back Ornaments From Years Ago in Destiny 2

Iron Banner is officially back this week and with it, Lord Saladin is also bringing back some rare Iron Banner ornaments for players to add to their collections. Finally,  those who missed out on...

Destiny 2, Bungie, PVP
Control Will Get Its Own Selectable Mode in Destiny 2 PVP

Bungie’s past two This Week in Destiny blogs announced that the base version of Control will finally be available as a selectable mode in the Crucible. This is great news for those who...

the coil, secret chest, shards
All The Coil Hidden Chest Locations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s latest seasonal matchmade activity is here and it is a big one. The Coil is a larger and tougher version of Riven’s Lair, where players progress through tougher encounters and b...

warlord's ruin, dungeon, puzzle, buried bloodline, totem, taken, torch
How to Get the Buried Bloodline Dungeon Exotic in Destiny 2

Season of the Wish is finally here and with it comes the brand-new Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and its exclusive Exotic called Buried Bloodline. Buried Bloodline is the very first special ammo sidearm that...

wrathbearer, title
Destiny 2 Wrathbearer Title Guide – All Triumphs for Warlord's Ruin Dungeon

Season of the Wish ushers in a brand-new dungeon and with it, another title for players to acquire in Destiny 2. Wrathbearer is the title for Warlock’s Ruin, a new dungeon set in the European D...

trials, trials of osiris, strand, trace rifle, incisor
Destiny 2 Incisor God Roll Guide - PVE, PVP, & How to Get

We get new weapons with every season in Destiny 2, but Season of the Wish has plenty of ritual and activity-related  weapons in store, and the Incisor is one of them. Incisor is one of the first ...

Destiny 2, Bungie, Dragon's Breath
Stop Using Dragon’s Breath Incorrectly in Destiny 2

Dragon's Breath has finally returned to Destiny 2 in Season of the Wish. Its Exotic traits are a big improvement over the original while maintaining what made the weapon special in Destiny 1...

destiny, destiny 2 the final shape showcase, the final shape, the traveler, inside the traveler
How Destiny 2 is Filling the Gap Left by The Final Shape Delay

Weeks after reports claimed that Bungie delayed the Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion, the developer finally gave players a new release date. In its blog post, Bungie said that T...

Dragon's Breath, Exotic, Season of the Wish
How To Get Dragon’s Breath and Its Catalyst in Destiny 2 — Old Flame Quest Guide

Season of the Wish is here and its seasonal Exotic is an old flame. The Dragon’s Breath Exotic rocket launcher is returning to Destiny 2 with some fiery changes and improvements from ...