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Season 23 Puts Sparrows in Destiny 2 PVP

Sparrow Control arrives in Destiny 2 next season.

Bungie is adding a new Crucible mode to Destiny 2 called Sparrow Control in Season of the Wish — the TWID post nods to the new Multiplex PVP map where a bug allowed players to use their Sparrows.

However, this goes further back than that. Back in Destiny 1, the Combined Arms Crucible mode had large maps like First Light that allowed players to roam on Sparrows. It's not Sparrow Racing League, but maybe we're one step closer?

PVP, Crucible, Sparrow Control

The blog post says that Sparrow Control will be available in select weeks and that players can earn a "unique medal that will only be attainable during those weeks." Although no new PVP maps are coming alongside Sparrow Control, Bungie said that the playlist will have a curated selection of larger maps. 

The TWID also shared that the Crucible playlist will see some changes next season, too. Bungie will add a new 3V3 quickplay node, a new 6V6 Quickplay node — which includes the 6V6 Party and Relentless — rotate Control modes and create a new 6v6 Unranked playlist. The Sparrow Control would fit in the rotating Crucible modes playlist.

Next season, players can expects to see a new Trials of Osiris trace rifle, and a new ritual weapon — which players can acquire from ritual playlist activities such a Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit.

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