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Preview of New Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Gear: Dreaming City-Inspired Armor

Season of the Wish preview shows off upcoming gear designs and weapon types.

The Destiny 2 community came together to solve a complicated puzzle in the Imbaru Engine, wrapping up the Season of the Witch story. Shortly after, Bungie congratulated players on Twitter for completing it while simultaneously revealing Season of the Wish, which begins on November 28.

The Imbaru Engine finale hints at the upcoming storyline about Ahamkaras — like Riven from the Last Wish raid — and the 15th wish, which players have been trying to uncover since Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Bungie's tweet also shared promotional artwork of an Ahamkara with the circular patterns and statues you see around the Dreaming City, the Traveler portal in the background, and three Guardians standing in front. Interestingly, this image reveals the seasonal gear, too.

Destiny 2, Bungie

Bungie revealed Season of the Deep's universal ornament through a similar teaser image so this artwork is likely showing off the upcoming seasonal ornament. The helmets have a sort of wish-dragon look, but the armor is mostly reminiscent of the Dreaming City with shades of purple and white, a hint of gold, and a futuristic fantasy aesthetic. Since the artwork only provides a glimpse at what's to come, remember that the gear in-game may not look exactly the same when next season launches.

Also, the Destiny 2 community gets a peek at the new seasonal weapons that carry the same design as the armor, and it looks like players can get their hands on a linear fusion rifle and shotgun. The bow looks a lot like Wish-Ender, but it could be a new Legendary weapon, and its distinct greenish bowstring has led some fans to believe that it's a Strand weapon.

We don't yet know much about Season of the Wish, but it's possible that players will need the help of Mara Sov in the Dreaming City, and maybe even enter the Last Wish raid to activate the Wish Wall.

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