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Destiny 2 The Imbaru Engine Guide - All Puzzle Solutions

This guide helps you solve The Imbaru Engine puzzles in Season of the Witch.

The Imbaru Engine is a puzzle room inside the oubliette in Savathun’s Throne World as part of the Destiny 2 Season of the Witch storyline. 

How to Access The Imbaru Engine in Destiny 2

Step 34 in The Bladed Path seasonal quest gives access to a new destination called The Imbaru Engine, which you can access from the HELM map. A fireteam of three can enter The Imbaru Engine. 

The Imbaru Engine not showing up?

Don't worry! If the Imbaru Engine is not showing up on the HELM map, you need to claim the “A Gift of Cunning” Minor Arcana card at the Lectern of Divination. Reveal the Minor Arcana card and click on it again to claim it. 

A Gift of Cunning Imbaru Engine
A Gift of Cunning Minor Arcana card in the Lectern of Divination.

The Cunning Test Chest Locations

The room is designed to mess with your head with irrational perspectives. The best way to find chests in The Imbaru Engine is to equip the cache tracking mods on your Ghost, such as Loot Seeker, Prize Pursuant, Cache Finder, Treasure Hunter, and Expert Tracker. The Combo and Wombo Detector cache tracking mods work here too. Also, Strand Grapple lets you get around quickly.

First, two Hive symbols appear on teardrop-shaped plates on the ground, pointing towards chests. Looting the correct chest progresses you to the next step of The Cunning Test. In this case, loot the chest in front of the X-shaped Hive symbol, and head to the next marked location to grab two more chests. Here, loot only the ones in front of the matching Hive symbol. 

The Cunning Test Imbaru Engine
Ghost tracking mods let you see chest locations in The Imbaru Engine.

On the last step, the text in-game notes that there are three chests remaining. The chest locations are randomized every run, making those Tracking mods on your Ghost necessary. 

When you come across symbols on teardrop-shaped plates, grab the chest that it's pointing to, not the one it is closest to. You’ll also come across symbols on walls and shrubs that don’t point towards a chest but instead sit near the chest location. Be sure to look around and confirm that you are looting the chest matching the correct symbol.

Once you complete all three steps of The Cunning Test, you get two Witch’s engrams and a Witch Key reward. This test also checks off The Mother Morph Triumph, one of the secret Triumphs in Season of the Witch.

The Strength Test Enemy Locations

Enter the Savathun's Spire activity to get the secret Opaque Card. Before you activate the final mirror portal to enter the boss fight arena in Savathun's Spire, turn to the right. You should see the secret Opaque Card next to a small pillar. 

Savathun's Spire opaque card 2_fanbyte.jpg
A Gift of Strength Opaque Card in Savathun's Spire.

At the Lectern of Divination, you can turn this Opaque Card into "A Gift of Strength" Minor Arcana ability. Claim the card and enter the Imbaru Engine. Reach the Imbaru Engine and skip The Cunning Test, and instead, go through the door between the two chests to get to The Strength Test. After the short obstacle, you'll arrive at the next Imbaru objective.  

After activating the puzzle mechanic, grab the Deepsight buff from the back of the room. Follow the Deepsight footsteps to shoot the first enemy. After you take down the Knight, the teardrop-shaped plates will point you to the next enemy. The second Knight is behind the rock, the third Knight is on the crag near the giant pillar.

Imbaru Engine The Strength Test_1.jpg
Looking at all Knight targets from where the first enemy died.

After you defeat those three Knights, jump on the platform and enter the giant pillar. Look directly below and shoot the first Cursed Thrall. From here on out, only shoot the second enemy in line. Inside the giant pillar, defeat the three Cursed Thralls to proceed to the final area.

Imbaru Engine The Strength Test_2.jpg
This gaint pillar room image was taken from the back of the room to show all Cursed Thrall targets.

Jump up the platforms and exit the giant pillar. Next, enter the room underneath the platform with the Deepsight buff. Once again, you will need to shoot every other Cursed Thrall, and the first one is on the front-left.

Imbaru Engine The Strength Test_3.jpg
Looking into the final room from the entryway.

Keep in mind, a Shrieker will kill you if you target the wrong enemy. It also removes all progress, and you will have to start again by grabbing Deepsight. 

Getting through the puzzle successfully gives rewards and checks off The Knight Morph secret triumph.

The Navigation Test Elemental Rune Locations

Enter the Altars of Summoning and get to the Altar of Flesh, which is at the top of the arena. If you're wondering what that breakable Void crystal on the statue does, here's your answer. Shoot the Void crystal to get an Opaque Card, then head to the Lectern of Divination to turn that card into "A Gift of the Navigation" Minor Arcana. This will open up the third puzzle for The Imbaru Engine.

Altar of Flesh__The Navigation Test__fanbyte.jpg
The Savathun statue in Altars of Summoning with an Opaque Card.

Head up the lifts through the doors as you would for The Strength Test, but instead of going through the door for that test, go through the door to the right. At the end of the hallway, another lift will take you up to The Navigation Test. Also, do not go through the portals, you’ll end up back at the beginning.

In the room, there are a bunch of elemental runes that you can shoot, and you have to target the one that matches the Hive symbol and element on the doorway. So, when you enter the room, turn around and memorize the rune and where it’s located around the doorway.

Make sure you have Arc, Solar, and Void weapons to shoot the runes with or you can use Hard Light Exotic since it can switch elements. 

First room of The Navigation Test

The ice-cream-looking Hive symbol is Arc, and it is on the left side of the doorway. Out of all of the portals, look for the one that also has an Arc rune on the left side. Also, when you shoot the matching rune, walk through the portal — avoid jumping so you don’t fall onto the spikes below the platform.

The Navigation Test 1__fanbyte.jpg
Target Arc rune next to mirror portal.

Second room of The Navigation Test

The Hive symbol that looks like the letter “A” is Solar, and it sits on the top of the doorway.

The Navigation Test 2__fanbyte.jpg
Target Solar rune next to mirror portal.

Third room of The Navigation Test

The “X” Hive symbol is Void, and placed on the right side of the doorway. For the Void one, you’ll need to move around the map to ignore the optical illusion. It’ll seem like there is no Void elemental rune that you can shoot, but it’s actually hidden behind another rune.

The Navigation Test 3__fanbyte.jpg
Target Void rune next to mirror portal.

Final room of The Navigation Test

Although the final room says to shoot a Solar rune that’s on the right side of the doorway, you’ll find that the runes are all jumbled up at the center. However, when facing the room from the entryway, shoot the second-left rune to open up a portal on the right side of the room. Shooting an incorrect rune will have you restart the puzzle.

The Navigation Test__fanbyte.jpg
Target second Solar rune from the left.

Completing The Navigation Test rewards players and checks off The King Morph triumph for the Season of the Witch secrets.

Rekindle The Flame Locations

Enter the Altars of Summoning and get to the Altar of Feracity. On top of a pillar at the center of the Altar, you'll find the Minor Arcana Opaque Card called "A Parting Gift." Head back to the Lectern of Divination to claim the card and get access to another secret inside the Imbaru Engine. 

A Parting Gift Opaque Card location in Altars of Summoning.

When you get to The Navigation Test part of the spire, don't go up the stairs. Instead, go through the mirror portal next to the staircase. The portal takes you to a dead end, a room with four empty braziers. 

A Parting Gift Imbaru Engine_fanbyte.jpg
Head through the mirror portal to get to the last room.

The goal here is to rekindle each brazier based on clues. Here are the three clues and locations to rekindle the flame:

This flame burns within the mist below...

Using the Taken portals, make your way down the spire. When you re-enter the Parting the Mists area from the doorway — which is the first puzzle room for The Cunning Test — you should see a brazier lit with green flame in front, but it is a bit closer to the ceiling (If you are entering the room from the staircase, the brazier will be behind you). Jump onto the large platform, go up the obstacle course to get to the lit brazier, then grasp the flame. The text at bottom left of your screen will let you know that you've taken the flame. 

Parting the Mist Brazier_fanbyte.jpg

This flame burns within the halls of the Spire...

After the second encounter in Savathun's Spire, go through the Labyrinth jumping puzzle. You should come across a Deepsight bubble before you go through one of the four portals for the final boss fight.

Deepsight Spire brazier_fanbyte.jpg 

Activate Deepsight to trigger circular platforms to spawn. Using those platforms, make your way around the area with the pendulums. From the third Deepsight platform, jump to the green fire brazier.

Spire brazier_fanbyte.jpg

This flame burns within the Altars of Summoning...

Near the door that takes you to the Altar of the Sword, use the Deepsight bubble.

Deepsight Altars brazier_fanbyte.jpg

Jump onto the Deepsight platforms above and follow them to get to the green fire brazier.

Altars brazier_fanbyte.jpg

Once you have all three flames, head back up the Imbaru Engine to rekindle the flame at the empty braziers. This opens up another puzzle room on the opposite side of the mirror portal.

Test of Truth and Lies Solution - The Final Imbaru Engine Puzzle

Here is the final test in the Imbaru Engine. Starting the test spawns a triangle symbols that says "submit your final tribute, " and several other Hive runes around the room. Along with that there are two statues on the sides of the room, one says "Unveil the Truth" and the opposite statue says "Unveil the Lie." You can also activate the four Thrall statues to see the circle and triangle symbols on certain Hive runes.

Thanks to the Destiny 2 community on Reddit and Twitter, here are the Hive symbols you need to need to activate. Remember, activating the runes gives them a fire animation, so it's easy to know which ones you've already done. 

At the front of the puzzle room where you need to deposit your tribute, active the symbol that looks like a burger by Thrall statue on the left side. By the Thrall statue on the front-right of the room, select the two rune that has the two dashes below it and the one next to it. 

Truth and Lies solution - fanbyte.jpg

Face the back of the puzzle room, but start activating runes from the left hand side. By the left Thrall statue, select the rune that has two horizontal dashes on the top of the symbol, then select the one that has two vertical lines. For the sixth rune, activate the rune with the tree dots, and the seventh symbol looks like an ice cream cone.

Truth and Lies solution 2 - fanbyte.jpg

Once you've submitted your tribute to the triangle, another room will open up, leading you to a big secret in Season of the Witch. Claim the egg to complete the puzzle. You'll get the Twisted Space emblem, Forbidden Wish shader, and seasonal weapon rewards. Also, this completes the "A Parting Gift" secret Triumph.

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