Jack Grimshaw

Jack Grimshaw

Jack Grimshaw is a freelance writer whose words have appeared on Prima Games, NME, PCGamesN, Red Bull, and Dexerto. Currently, he has over 2000 hours in Destiny 2 (on Steam, not including the many Battlenet Hours). He may have been late to Destiny, only jumping in when Rise of Iron released, but since then it has dominated his life. He is usually either in Destiny 2, Arma 3, or noodling around with all kinds of C# shenanigans. If he is away from his PC he is either painting high price plastic or watering too many house plants.





Error Code Centipede: What is It & How to Fix in Destiny 2

Many of Destiny 2’s error codes relate to Network connectivity, which can be irritating to resolve. Things are often out of your control, however, you can still take a few steps to resolve th...

Error Code Weasel: What is It & How to Fix in Destiny 2

There are many error codes that you can encounter while playing Destiny 2. While they don’t give away much information based on their name, they can help diagnose and fix problems. Error code...

error code, Season of Plunder, Drifter
Error Code Cat: What is It & How to Fix in Destiny 2

No game is immune to errors, and online games are especially vulnerable. Thankfully, Destiny 2 provides a list of codes that can more closely diagnose your issues if you can find out what they...

iron banner, tribute, Crests
Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tribute Guide

With the first Iron Banner of Season of the Wish, Destiny 2 is introducing a new mode to the PVP playlist called Tribute, which is now live. Tribute is a Supremacy-based mode, meaning players w...

season of the wish, weapon focusing, helm, riven, spirit of riven
Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Weapon Focusing Guide

Season of the Wish arrived in Destiny 2 with several new weapons, and they’ve also been added to the Spirit of Riven vendor at the HELM. Here’s everything you need to know about Season of the W...

Destiny 2, Bungie, Season of the Wish
Destiny 2 Wishbearer Title Guide – All Triumphs for Season of the Wish Title

The new season means a new title, and Season of the Wish is no exception. You can hop on Destiny 2 and start progressing your way through triumphs to get the Wishbearer title. Titles will appear under...

Bungie Previews New Season of the Wish Ritual Weapon

Season of the Wish has officially been announced, and when it arrives in Destiny 2, it will bring a brand new ritual weapon called Chivalric Fire. The Void Caster frame sword will be the first...

Nyxpterón, Exotic, ship, Festival of the Lost
How to Get the Exotic Nyxpterón Ship in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2 kicks off the 2023 Festival of the Lost, and this Halloween-themed event comes with new cosmetics to collect. Players can earn the new Exotic Nyxpterón ship, here is how to get it. Ny...

Always on Time, Sparrow
Destiny Will Finally Let Me Retire My Always on Time Sparrow

In the most recent TWID blog post, Bungie outlined a long-awaited change coming to Sparrows in Destiny 2. At the start of Season 23, all Sparrows will have their speed increased to match t...

Season of the Witch, Destiny 2, Bungie
Season 22 Mid-Season Patch Adjust Weapon Damage in Destiny 2

Bungie shared details on weapon changes coming with the mid-season update for Season of the Witch in the latest TWID. 

Destiny 2 Altars of Summoning Guide - Encounters & Secrets

With Destiny 2 Season of the Witch comes a new activity rich in loot, which takes the form of Altars of Summoning. This three-player activity has players imbue and offer power to Eris Morn, who...

the final shape, subclass,  Storm’s Edge, Twilight Arsenal, Song of Flame
Destiny 2 The Final Shape Subclass Guide — New Supers & Aspects

During the Destiny 2: The Final Shape showcase, Bungie detailed much about the upcoming expansion story, location, Exotics, and new abilities. The developer revealed that The Fin...

Brya’s Love, Deepsight
Destiny 2 Brya's Love Deepsight Guide - Brya's Love Pattern Farming

A new Destiny 2 season means a whole raft of new weapons, and Season of the Witch delivers a sorely needed Void scout rifle to the mix with Brya’s Love. You can craft the 180 RPM Scout Rifle wi...

Pyrogale Gauntlets, Roaring Flames, Consecration Aspect, Sunbreaker Titan
Destiny 2 Best Titan Pyrogale Gauntlets Build Guide

Season of the Witch has arrived in Destiny 2, and with it comes three new Exotic armor pieces, one for each class. If you want to add the Pyroflame Gauntlets to your arsenal, then you must...

season of the witch, opaque cards, elemental attunement, Solar, Arc, Void Attunement, Altars of Summoning, Savathun’s Spire, Lacuna, Liminal, Ascension, Major arcana, Deck of Whispers, attune
How to Get Opaque Cards in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

Destiny 2’s latest season adds a new deckbuilding element that allows you to gain buffs when running Season of the Witch activities. These take the form of Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. But to acquir...

How To Get Ex Diris and Its Catalyst in Destiny 2 - Grenade Logic Quest

A new season in Destiny 2 means you can acquire a new seasonal Exotic weapon. For Season of the Witch, this is the Ex Diris, an Exotic grenade launcher with some winged friends.

Bungie Adds to Mid-Season Fixes in Destiny 2 Patch 7.1.5

Alongside Solstice 2023, Bungie released the 7.1.5 patch, which launched changes detailed in the mid-season tuning update and a few other fixes. Here are some of the new patch notes.

strand, warlock, weavewalk, bungie
Strand Is Getting Even More Aspects in Destiny 2

Bungie’s latest State of the Game post, from Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn, has been released and covers just about every aspect of the game. Among them are more upgrades to the newest Strand...

Bungie Details Season of the Deep Mid-Season Update

Bungie detailed several weapon changes arriving in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep’s mid-season update in its weapon tuning blog post. The Season of the Deep mid-season update launches on July 1...