Angus Law

Angus Law

Angus Law is a Destiny 2 news contributor for Fanbyte. They spend at least half of their time in Destiny 2 making their Guardian look pretty and the other half trying to make Spectral Blades work PVE. You can find more of their feature and review writing at startmenu and TechRadar.





xur, destiny
PSA: Xur Is Selling A Great Titan Exotic and Craftable Weapons

The weekend is here, and Xur along with it in Destiny 2. This week's offerings are relatively weak, but the Severance Enclosure Exotic, and a couple of craftable weapons are certainly worth gra...

E99 Shell, Destiny 2
PSA: Rare E99 Shell Is Available For Bright Dust in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish’s seasonal quest may have reached its conclusion, but the Eververse Bright Dust store stops for nothing. The most notable items from this week’s selection...

Dawning Ship for Bright Dust, 2023
PSA: New Dawning Ship, Ghost, and Sparrow Are Available for Bright Dust

The second week of Destiny 2’s Dawning 2023 event has just begun, bringing with it more holiday-themed items in the Eververse store. This week, the three equipment items — a ghost, ship, a...

Dawning Mirth shader
PSA: Eververse is Selling a New Dawning Shader For Bright Dust

Destiny 2’s 2023 Dawning event has arrived, and it has brought with it plenty of holiday-themed cosmetics. New to the Dawning this year is the shader called Dawning Mirth, which is available at...

Conditional Finality, Destiny, PVP
PSA: One of Destiny 2's Best Exotics Just Got a Secret Buff

Stasis has received changes in Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish update which has resulted in a passive buff to the burst damage potential of the raid Exotic Conditional Finality. As part of...

rime keepsake, shader, memento, dawning
Destiny 2 Previews New Dawning Memento

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish update previews a new Memento for crafted weapons, which will be available in The Dawning event. The Memento, called Rime Keepsake, can be found in-game on any cr...

Destiny 2 Finally Makes Changes to One of Its Least Popular Subclasses

Stasis subclasses have been buffed as part of Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish update. Bungie first teased these changes in August and gave more details in a huge This Week In D...

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Ready Your Builds, the New Destiny 2 Dungeon Is Almost Here

Players looking to dive into Destiny 2’s next dungeon won’t have to wait that long since it’s launching the same week as Season of the Wish. The This Week in Destiny pos...

Bungie Doubles Down on February Release Date For Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Despite recent reports of a delay, a new Season of the Wish press release from Bungie restated that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will release on February 27 next year. The press re...

PSA: You Can Finally Get the Last Opaque Card in Destiny 2

Following this week’s reset, players can finally get the final Opaque Card in Season of the Witch’s Deck of Whispers. In Season of the Witch, Destiny 2 players are tasked with collect...

Fireteam Finder, Destiny 2
Bungie Reportedly Revealed In-Game LFG to Destiny 2 Community Before Devs

New information provided by Forbes writer Paul Tassi after "a lengthy conversation with someone with inside knowledge of the situation," reveals that Destiny 2’s in-game looking-for-g...

Destiny 2, Bungie, shaders
Destiny 2 Shaders Will Finally Stop Hiding Color Information

Content creator “Datto” hosted a shader-themed game show, inviting other streamers and Destiny 2’s game director Joe Blackburn. While guessing shader palettes, Blackburn revealed that Bung...