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Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Builds & Guides (2023)

All of our Season of the Witch builds for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks.

Looking for quick and easy access to some new Destiny 2 builds? There are a whole lot of options to choose from whether you're playing Hunter, Titan, or Warlock. In Season of the Witch we're releasing more build guides than ever before and are rounding them all up here for all of your PVE needs.


Best Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Builds

Top Warlock Builds

Whether you're looking for a specific class, super, exotic, or playstyle, here are our Warlock builds for Season of the Witch.

NameClassSuperExoticExcels At
Void Soul WarlockVoidwalker (Void)Nova BombBriarbindsAbility Uptime & Sustain
Ad-Clear WarlockBroodweaver (Strand)NeedlestormSwarmersAd-Clear

Briarbinds, Void, Warlock, build, orbs of power, Warlock Briarbinds build, Exotic, Voidwalker

Void Soul Warlock

Excerpt from the full guide.

The build is complicated, but it's extremely powerful in practice. Ultimately, the core loop here is to constantly generate Orbs of Power and Void Breaches for an ongoing cycle that grants Devour, replenishes your class ability to leverage the Briarbinds' buff to the Void Soul, and gives grenade energy — since your grenades will weaken enemies and thereby produce more Orbs.

  • Aspects: Child of the Old Gods & Chaos Accelerant.


Ad-Clear Warlock

Excerpt from the full guide.

This build is all about producing an endless stream of Threadlings. It doesn't require a particular god roll weapon or rare raid drop, so almost anyone can create this build as long as they've unlocked the Strand subclass through the Lightfall campaign, and have the Swarmers Exotic legs. Augments granted by the seasonal Artifact make it more powerful, rendering it a solid build, specifically for Season of the Witch.

If you're ready to wield your army of Threadlings against anything that tries to get in your way, here's a breakdown of what you'll need.

  • Aspects: Weaver's Call & The Wanderer.


Top Titan Builds

Want to play Titan like Hunters do with Celestial Nighthawk and Golden Gun? Try out our Nuke Titan build!

NameClassSuperExoticExcels At
Nuke TitanSunbreaker (Solar)Burning MaulPyrogale GauntletsFrequent Supers
Banner of War TitanBerserker (Strand)BladefurySynthocepsMelee

Pyrogale Gauntlets, Roaring Flames, Consecration Aspect, Sunbreaker Titan

Nuke Titan

Excerpt from the full guide.

The main goal of this build is to deal massive amounts of damage to bosses. Pyrogale Gauntlets enable this damage by turning your Burning Maul Super into a single high-damage slam — similar to how Celestial Nighthawk affects Hunter’s Golden Gun Super. While this is very powerful, we can eke out extra efficiency by properly selecting armor mods and subclass Fragments.

  • Aspects: Roaring Flame & Consecration.


Excerpt from the full guide.

This build revolves around Banner of War, the latest Strand Aspect for Titans, and the first Aspect for our build. Defeating targets with melee final blows, finishers, and swords raises a Banner of War, which periodically pulses with energy that both heals allies and increases outgoing sword and melee damage. There is a timer on the Banner of War, but kills by players or their allies can help recharge it while  increasing the pulse rate. This is by far one of the strongest Aspects in the game as it provides consistent healing and a damage boost for the entire fireteam.

  • Aspects: Banner of War & Into the Flame


Top Hunter Builds

NameClassSuperExoticExcels At
Moth HunterThreadrunner (Strand)SilkstrikeMothkeeper's WrapsAd-Clear
Solar HunterGunslinger (Solar)Blade BarrageFoetracerMelee & Abilities

Mothkeeper’s Wraps, build, hunter, Thread of Generation, Thread of Warding, Thread of Transmutation, Thread of Fury, Widow’s Silk, Whirling Maelstrom, moth build, hunter build, strand

Moth Hunter

Excerpt from the full guide.

The synergy between Mothkeeper’s Wraps and Ex Diris grenade launcher lets you gain overshields while clearing ads with their unique ability to create moths — and yes, this is THE Hunter moth build. This synergy becomes even more exciting with the Strand subclass. 

  • Aspects: Widow’s Silk and Whirling Maelstrom


Solar Hunter

Excerpt from the full guide.

In sum, you're constantly Radiant, which means your melee should almost always be powered. You're also Scorching enemies with both weapons and abilities. The Foetracer and Monochromatic Maestro combination means you're dealing additional damage with your Solar weapons and generating tons of Orbs with Harmonic Siphon — which you can pick up to replenish your health and keep you fighting. With your healing grenades, you're also buffing your teammates by granting them Restoration. 

  • Aspects: On Your Mark and Knock 'Em Down.

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