Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Promote Unity Through, Uh, Class Warfare

"Together, we a strong." -- Zavala, Destiny 2

I will admit, confidentially and to you only, dear reader, that my hundreds of hours in Destiny 2 have left me with a certain amount of pride in being a Warlock. It’s silly, especially considering that the game does not penalize you for running a character of each class even in the slightest, but my dumb brain has attached a not-insignificant amount of value to Warlocks, and by extension, to myself for being one. And so, it is with great embarrassment that I share my enthusiasm for the Guardian Games; Destiny 2‘s upcoming class competition event.

As outlined in this week’s This Week at Bungie post, Guardian Games is a weeks-long event designed to test the dedication of each Destiny 2 class. Traveling party grandma Eva Levante will return to the tower at 10 a.m. Pacific next Tuesday, April 21, to usher in and officiate the Guardian Games, at which point all who wish to participate can speak with Levante to receive a special Guardian Games Cloak, Mark, or Bond.

By completing daily tasks while wearing the special class item, Guardians earn medals that contribute to the daily total for their entire class, and upon each daily reset, said class items turn gold, silver, or bronze, to reflect your class’s final rank on the day prior. In addition to the daily goals, Eva Levante will also offer weekly quests to earn three new Exotic Ghost Shells based on the new Guardian Games class items. Meanwhile, a new Exotic Heavy Machinegun called “Heir Apparent” will also arrive during the event, but it seems to be its own special thing, rather than an item tied directly to the Guardian Games.

Bungie doesn’t say exactly how long the Guardian Games will last in its blog post, but given that there are three weekly quests for three different Ghost shells, we feel safe in assuming the Games will be active for at least three weeks. Once the event is completely over, Bungie will tally up the total medals earned by each class, and will adjust the color of the Guardian Games class items to represent the final results for the remainder of the year.

But as we all know, class distribution in Destiny 2 is anything but even. To compensate for this, Bungie is using a weighted system to allow classes with fewer players to compete against the most popular class. “We fully acknowledge that class populations are a little lopsided,” Bungie said. “Hunters are so fabulous with their capes that there are indeed more of them than Warlocks or Titans. To help offset this (so Hunters don’t steal the show every day), medals will be weighted slightly per class to maintain an even playing field. We aren’t fiddling with the numbers to force wins on alternate classes – Hunters could still take this entire thing if they put enough effort in.”

Tess Eververse will have new inventory to go along with the event, of course, but just one item (a new Guardian Games finisher) will be available for Silver only. Everything else, including the new Universal Ornaments seen above, will be available for Bright Dust at some point during the Games. All Guardian Games weekly and repeatable bounties will grant dust, so grinding for the greater good will also fill up your wallet.

I gotta say, it’s really endearing that Bungie frames this whole thing like any of the three classes could potentially win. After not caring about Destiny 2 for the last couple of Seasons, I look forward to wearing my golden Warlock Bond for the rest of the year.