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Bungie Doubles Down on February Release Date For Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Bungie reportedly delayed The Final Shape expansion, but a Season of the Wish press release says otherwise.

Despite recent reports of a delay, a new Season of the Wish press release from Bungie restated that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will release on February 27 next year. The press release promoted the new teaser for the upcoming season, but Bungie also reaffirmed that “The Final Shape expansion launches on February 27, 2024, with all-new episodes to follow." 

This is the first time that Bungie has officially referenced the release date of The Final Shape since multiple inside reports claimed that the Destiny 2’s final expansion had been internally delayed to June 2024. This news came in the midst of a round of layoffs at Bungie that affected 8% of its workforce. 

In response to the press release, some who originally reported the delay firmly believe the information they were provided by inside sources. Notably, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier — who broke the news about the delay — posted “Don’t get your hopes up” on Twitter about the press release. Schreier also tweeted that “[In 2016] I reported that Destiny 2 was delayed [...] A lot of Destiny fans denied it and sent me some very rude messages. It was confirmed on February 11, 2016. Just some interesting history,” implying that he is as sure that The Final Shape is delayed. Destiny 2 news account Destiny Bulletin also stated in response to the press release that “we can independently confirm per sources that the TFS delay was announced internally days before the layoffs report from Bloomberg.”

Delaying The Final Shape to June could mean that Season of the Wish would be extended by several months. After the layoffs, Forbes writer Paul Tassi reported: “There will be something in the season 23 gap, though no specifics.” Bungie has yet to acknowledge reports of the delay, leaving Season 23’s length undetermined, as well as whether there will be something to fill the months-long gap.

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