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Is the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Event Card Worth It?

Festival of the Lost is here in Destiny 2, bringing back the Event Card system previously introduced in this year’s Solstice. Like in that event, players can pay to upgrade the Festival of the Lost Event Card, unlocking immediate access to some cosmetics and the ability to earn them via Event Tickets through completing challenges. Is it worth upgrading your Festival of the Lost Event Card? Let’s take a look at what it gets you and how much it’ll set you back.

Upgrading your Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Event Card will immediately unlock a few cosmetics. You’ll get the Bobbing for Apples emote, the Bold Chapalu Sparrow, and the Angel’s Gleam shader. Of these, the shader is interesting but the cat-shaped sparrow is probably the most striking.

Once you upgrade the Event Card, you can trade in tickets obtained by completing challenges to get the Caramel Apple Shell (eight tickets), the Investigative Dance emote (five tickets), the Pumpkin Bomb transmat effect (two tickets), and the Sweet Treat projection (one ticket). These are all cosmetic items, and unless you really love any of them I’d say the ones you get immediately upon unlocking the Event Card are the real draws.

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Event Card will cost you 1000 Silver, or about $10 USD. Importantly, you do not need to pay to upgrade your Event Card to get either the Ghost Writer seal and title, or to complete progress towards the event-spanning Reveler title. So, is it worth splashing the cash on? If you’re a completionist, or you really want that cat sparrow, then I’d say so.

Otherwise, the Event Card feels like a bit of a bad deal for Destiny 2 players. You can get some neat cosmetics just by playing the Festival of the Lost event, and you can probably find better things to spend the $10 on, even in Destiny 2. Honestly, the whole event is a bit of a let-down. Reused dialogue from last year with only a couple of new lines, tedious grinding of playlist activities, and the return of old weapons without the event Origin Trait all come together to make Festival of the Lost feel like a missed opportunity at best and a barebones attempt to sell cosmetics at worst.

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