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How To Get Ex Diris and Its Catalyst in Destiny 2 - Grenade Logic Quest

Upgrade your Ex Diris grenade launcher in the Grenade Logic quest.

A new season in Destiny 2 means you can acquire a new seasonal Exotic weapon. For Season of the Witch, this is the Ex Diris, an Exotic grenade launcher with some winged friends.

To get Ex Diris, log into Destiny 2 and check your season pass. If you have the paid version, you can pick it up at Rank 1. If you are playing for free, you can collect it at Rank 35. Ex Diris is an Arc grenade launcher that fires hive projectiles that detonate on impact. Thanks to its magazine, the weapon does not need to be reloaded and slowly reloads itself automatically, allowing you to fire a constant stream of explosions for as long as you have ammo.

The Nucleosynthetic Magazine allows the weapon to draw ammo from reserves continuously. It also enables firing Arc projectiles that detonate on impact.

The Loyal Moths trait causes final blows with this weapon to create a loyal moth. The moth will seek out nearby targets and detonate, damaging and blinding them.

The intrinsic trait Corrupted Nucleosynthetic allows the weapon to enrage when dealing or taking sustained damage, increasing the fire rate.

Destiny 2 Ex Diris.png

Grenade Logic Step 1

To get the catalyst for Ex Diris, you need to talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower, who will provide a quest to complete and unlock the catalyst. The first step is calibrating the weapon by getting 20 rapid kills and 25 kills without dying. 

Grenade Logic Step 2

The second step is to gather 200 calibration data from activities such as Crucible, Vanguard playlist activities, and Gambit. Bonus progress is gained from doing higher-level activities, such as Nightfalls. You also need to defeat 450 targets with Guardians providing additional progress. 

Finally, return to Banshee in the tower to collect the catalyst. 

Once applied, players will need to get 400 kills with Ex Diris to fully unlock the catalyst, which allows Ex Diris to become enraged faster while you are amplified. Final blows with Ex Diris will also make you amplified.

Don’t forget that the season pass includes two catalyst boosters. At rank 11, you can unlock the Alpha Catalyst Booster, which doubles progression. At rank 22, you can unlock the Omega Catalyst Booster, which quadruples catalyst progress.

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