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Everything to Do in Destiny 2 Before Season of the Witch Ends

Season of the Witch ends on November 28, but there's still time to get your season pass rewards and complete the seasonal activities.

With the announcement of the Season of the Wish — the final Destiny 2 season — and the Season of the Witch wrapping up, players can still take part in activities and collect new gear. Before we venture into the next season, here is everything you should do before the Season of the Witch ends.

Collect Seasonal Weapons, Armor, and Ornaments

Either through crafting, focusing, or completing seasonal activities, players can acquire Season of the Witch weapons. Moreover, the seasonal armor sets and universal ornaments for Season 22 have been quite beautifully crafted, so completing the season pass is a must.

Get the Ex Diris and Catalyst

One major addition in the Season of the Witch was the new Exotic, Ex Diris, a popular but decent grenade launcher. You can claim it instantly if you have paid for the Season Pass or claim it at Season Pass Rank 35 for free. You can get its catalyst by completing the quest named Grenade Logic, which you can get by speaking to Banshee-44 and will require you to collect a decent amount of kills with it.

Collect the Seasonal Ritual Weapon

The Malediction is the Season of the Witch’s ritual weapon, and thanks to its explosive capabilities, it makes this hand cannon worth grinding for. Just be sure to rank up victories in ritual Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit activities and level up the vendors to Rank 16.

Savathun’s Spire, encounter, void crystals, solar crystals, arc crystals, plates

Complete the Seasonal Story

Finish the seven-week-long storyline of how, in an attempt to chase the Witness, we must follow through with a deal between Ikora, Eris, and Savathun all while fighting against Xivu Arath’s influence. The story is compelling and has quite a dramatic ending, but Eris’s journey to godhood is worth checking out.

Play the Seasonal Activities

Both Altars of Summoning and Savathun’s Spire activities are entertaining with their many secrets, and you can complete them to get high-tier gear for your builds. Completing the Imbaru Engine puzzles provides Guardians with lore and Legendary rewards. The final Imbaru Engine puzzle unlocks the finale cutscene, and rewards players with a unique shader and emblem.

Get the Exotic Gauntlets for your Build

Whether you are a Titan, Hunter, or Warlock, if you manage to complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors or Vex Incursion Zones, you will be rewarded with the Mothkeeper’s Wraps, the Pyrogale Gauntlets, or the Briarbinds, respectively.

Get the Haruspex Title

While playing through the Season of the Witch story, be sure to keep tabs on the Haruspex title. You will have to participate in every seasonal activity to get all ten Triumphs.

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