How to Get Spectral & Manifested Pages in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost celebration has returned, so it’s time to slap on your mech costume and clear out the Haunted Sectors. Similar to last year, players will be dropped into Haunted Lost Sectors where they need to vanquish hordes of enemies, gather candy, and eventually defeat a boss at the end. It’s a rather short event activity, but one that is often quite chaotic and will serve as a great way to level up weapons. Of course, the main attraction is all the new loot you can earn during the event. However, to complete Destiny 2’s Book of the Forgotten you’ll need both Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages, Here’s how the Festival of the Lost reward loop works so you can complete the book and earn some spooky rewards:

(Author’s Note: One of the quest steps tied to earning Manifested Pages is currently bugged. Bungie has announced that they are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.)

Destiny 2 Manifested Pages

How to Get Spectral Pages

For the unfamiliar, Spectral Pages are used to make Manifested Pages which are used to repair the Book of the Forgotten in The Tower. Thankfully, Spectral Pages are pretty easy to earn as they are a reward at the end of most activities. While this means you will be earning pages just by playing, there are some pretty efficient (and inefficient) ways of farming this new item. The first is by playing short PVP modes like Team Scorched or Mayhem. While they aren’t available this week, completing either of these modes should net you 3 Spectral Pages.

Another great method, especially for solo players, is to complete Public Events. Finishing one will earn you 2-3 Spectral Pages and a little over a hundred candy. While this doesn’t seem substantial, you can easily hop from Public Event to Public Event on big destinations like the EDZ, Nessus, or the Moon. This isn’t the most exciting way to farm Spectral Pages, but it’s certainly one of the best if you’re all alone. Considering you can complete a Public Event in only a couple of minutes, it’s easy to just grind through a bunch and fill up your inventory.

Finally, it appears The Investigation bug also works with farming Spectral pages. Go through this Witch Queen mission as you normally would until you’re told to go meet with the Contact. When this happens you’ll be given a checkpoint so have a friend join on you and then swap to another character. Rejoin your friend who is still in the mission and have them talk to Fynch. This will complete the quest and reward you with 9 Spectral Pages. Now go back to your original character, invite your friend again, and repeat the process above. This will almost certainly get patched, however, it’s the fastest way to earn a bunch of pages!

How to Get Manifested Pages

Manifested Pages are a little different, as they require Spectral Pages to even be created. Once you have a nice collection of Spectral Pages go into the Haunted Sectors Playlist found in The Tower destination map. In this activity, you will be tasked with capturing control points that spawn boss enemies. For every Headless One that you kill you will transform one Spectral Page into a Manifested Page. So if you slay 9 Headless Ones you will turn 9 Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. This is the only way to actually earn Manifested Pages, so be prepared to spend a good chunk of time blasting through these spooky Lost Sectors.

Manifested Pages are used to complete the new Book of the Forgotten found in the Tower and increase your chances of receiving a Festival of the Lost weapon at the end of a Haunted Lost Sector. You’ll also need to complete the Book of the Forgotten if you want to earn the Bookworm III triumph, a new lore book, and the Coffin Nail exotic ship. This is part of the new Ghost Writer seal, so make sure to try and finish this book before the event ends!