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How to Get Solar, Arc, Void Elemental Attunement in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch, you get to build decks of tarot-style cards that influence your encounters in Savathun’s Spire and Altars of Summoning. Your Deck of Whispers is a collection of unique buffs that apply to you and your allies at the beginning of an encounter. To unlock these buffs you need to play seasonal activities and collect Opaque Cards, which turn into Major Arcana at the Lectern of Divination.

The second week of Season of the Witch unlocked a new set of elemental cards: Lacuna, Liminal, and Ascension. Also, you may have noticed elemental Opaque Cards floating around in Savathun’s Spire and Altars of Summoning that require Solar, Arc, or Void Attunement. To get these cards, you need to progress through the seasonal quest called The Bladed Path.

This guide will direct you to the Solar, Arc, Void Attunement card locations, explain what each card does, and how to unlock them.

How to get Solar, Arc, Void Attunement Major Arcana Cards  

Start The Bladed Path quest in Season of the Witch. On Step 7 of the seasonal quest, players can attune with an element at the Athenaeum Ritual Table. You can choose one of the following elemental attunements: Arc Attunement, Solar Attunement, or Void Attunement. 

ritual table attunement_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

After that, defeat enemies using that elemental type in Savathun’s Throne World or in seasonal activities — powerful enemies give more progress. Equip a Arc, Solar, or Void weapon that can defeat enemies quickly and jump into Savathun's Spire for easy kills; you can finish this step in the first encounter. 

Next, attune elemental runes in Throne World Lost Sectors. In the first encounter of the designated Lost Sector, shoot the five Solar, Void, or Arc elemental symbols around the area using a matching elemental weapon to progress to the next quest step. 

When you get to Step 13, head to the Lectern of Divination and select either the sixth, seventh, or eighth Opaque Card that is available — this depends on the elemental attunement you chose. Next, complete the associated quest for the Lacuna, Liminal, or Ascension cards to add it to your Deck of Whispers.

Here are the abilities of the elemental Major Arcana cards:

  • Void Attunement VI Lacuna: Dealing Void damage adds Suppression.
  • Arc Attunement VII Liminal: Dealing Arc damage adds Jolt.
  • Solar Attunement VIII Ascension: Dealing Solar damage adds Scorch.

Also, when you unlock Lacuna, Liminal, or Ascension, you can find Minor Arcana Opaque Cards around Savathun's Spire and Altars of Summoning that are now obtainable. 

How to Attune All Elements

To unlock the all attunements, you'll have to progress through The Bladed Path quest in upcoming weeks. You can attune the remaining two elements on Step 22 and Step 39 in seasonal quest. To shoot the Lost Sector elemental plates for the next attunement, the elemental plates will be in the second encounter room. For the final attunement, the elemental plates will be in the boss room. 

Solar, Arc, Void Attunement Locations in Savathun’s Spire

Void Attunement Opaque Card Location in Savathun’s Spire

void attunement_spire_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

After the first encounter, go up the lift. On that first circular platform, you'll find the Void Attunement Opaque Card in the back.

Arc Attunement Opaque Card Location in Savathun’s Spire

arc attunement_spire_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

Before you go up the third lift, you can Arc Attunement Opaque Card next to the circular platform.

Solar Attunement Opaque Card Location in Savathun’s Spire

solar attunement_spire_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

Just before the second encounter, there will be a vertical room with platforms on the sides of the building. The first platform along the wall on the right has the Solar Attunement Opaque Card.

Solar, Arc, Void Attunement Locations in Altars of Summoning

Void Attunement Opaque Card Location in Altars of Summoning

void attunement_altars_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

Head to the Altar of Feracity region of the activity. Run up the slanted structure and jump onto the half circle platform to get the Void Opaque Card.

Solar Attunement Opaque Card Location in Altars of Summoning

solar attunement_altars_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

You’ll find this card on the edge of the map in Altar of Flesh. Head all the way to the back right of the region to get a Solar Opaque Card.

Arc Attunement Opaque Card Location in Altars of Summoning

Arc Attunement_fanbyte.jpg

Behind the waterfall in the Altar of Devotion region, you can find the Arc Opaque Card.

Extra Opaque Card Location in Altars of Summoning

arc attunement_altars_destiny 2_fanbyte.jpg

You can find the extra Opaque Card in a cave with green lights on the ground level of the Altar of Devotion region. 

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