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Dragon’s Breath is Returning to Destiny 2 with Some Fiery Changes

Dragon's Breath is the new seasonal reward, and its updated abilities make the weapon stand apart from the Destiny 1 version.

Bungie's This Week in Destiny blog had a surprise in store for Season of the Wish. The Dragon's Breath rocket launcher is the upcoming seasonal Exotic reward. The Exotic's return was previously announced in The Final Shape showcase with some fiery footage set in the Dreaming City. The blog also revealed some in-depth details about the weapon's Exotic traits alongside what the Exotic catalyst for this weapon would do.

The intrinsic Exotic trait for The Dragon's Breath is called Burn the World. This will display a fuel counter for the weapon, which will gradually fill up when players go without firing the rocket launcher. The fuel counter can hold up to five fuels. Firing Dragon's Breath will empty the counter as all the accumulated fuel will transfer over to the fired rocket. The rocket will then embed itself in the targets it strikes and periodically spread fuel pools around targets — which will apply scorch to anyone standing on them. The more fuel a rocket has, the longer the rocket lasts before detonating, and it spreads more fire.

Dragon's Breath, Exotic, Season of the Wish

Its other intrinsic trait is High Octane, where nearby ignitions instantly refill the Dragon's Breath with two fuels. Upon reaching five fuels, the Dragon's Breath reloads itself.

These intrinsic traits are a big step-up from the ones in Destiny 1, which are Pyromancer and Tripod. Pyromancer would leave a Solar flare upon rocket detonation and deal Solar damage to nearby enemies. Tripod would increase the size of the rocket launcher's magazine to three.

The Exotic catalyst in Destiny 2 adds an intrinsic trait, which is also called Pyromancer, to the Dragon's Breath. This replenishes the fuel in Dragon's Breath faster. Moreover, eliminating enemies with the Dragon's Breath will now cause them to spawn Firesprites. Players can get the quest for this catalyst from Banshee-44 next season.

Players can unlock the Dragon's Breath from the season pass in Season of the Wish on November 28.

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