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Destiny 2 Revives the Ahamkara for One Final Wish

It turns out Riven wasn't the last Ahamkara.

It's been a busy day in the world of Destiny 2. After the weekly reset, we got the last few parts of the Imbaru Engine puzzle leading to an all-new cutscene confirming that Savathun has finally given us the 15th and final wish that we've been missing for five years. It's been a long time coming.

While some have been trying to solve the wish from said cutscene, it turns out it's was all a teaser for the next (and final) Destiny 2 season: Season of the Wish. It's set to debut in three weeks on November 28, so make sure to wrap up all your Season of the Witch activities so you can focus on all the new content.

Also who decided to do these two so close together? Season of the Witch and Season of the Wish. We're sure that won't cause anyone any problems.

If you missed what happened, make sure to check out our other post. Ikora has a new radio message in the HELM where she starts preparations for the wish wall and the Ahamkara egg, requesting her experts start gathering all the data they can get. It's apt that we were just talking about how much we miss The Dreaming City because we might just be going back there next season.

Bungie still hasn't commented on how it's going to bridge the gap between the normal length season and the now delayed Final Shape expansion. We'll likely find out what the plan is in the coming weeks as traditionally the developers announce the season end date alongside the season start, meaning we'll know at least a little bit about what Destiny 2 post-Final Shape delay looks like soon.

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