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Ready Your Builds, the New Destiny 2 Dungeon Is Almost Here

Bungie announced that the second dungeon under the Lightfall expansion launches on December 1.

Players looking to dive into Destiny 2’s next dungeon won’t have to wait that long since it’s launching the same week as Season of the Wish. The This Week in Destiny post announced that the second dungeon under the Lightfall expansion releases on December 1 at 9 AM PST. 

Similarly, the previous Ghosts of the Deep dungeon also released just three days after Season 21 began, so the release date of Season 23’s dungeon isn’t surprising. We've known for a while that a new dungeon would be part of Season of the Wish, as Bungie alternates between releasing reprised raids and dungeons each season — though this may change with the introduction of episodes next year.

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So far, we know next to nothing in regards to the theme or content of the dungeon. Ghosts of the Deep was closely tied to Season of the Deep — both were set on Titan where players traversed the methane sea — so Season of the Wish is likely our best indicator for what to expect of the next dungeon. The key art and teaser trailer for Season of the Wish focus on using the Ahamkara to enter the Traveler’s portal, discovering the 15th Wish, and also the Dreaming City. With this in mind, a dungeon similar to The Shattered Throne or Last Wish raid would be a safe bet, but this is the final dungeon before The Final Shape, so it is possible that the dungeon could share themes with Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion.

Since Duality last year, every dungeon has had an Exotic weapon in its final encounter loot pool. Therefore, it is likely that the next dungeon will also have an Exotic reward. Again, Bungie has given no hints towards the Exotic, other than perhaps a Dreaming City or Ahamkara theme.

As well as the dungeon release date, this week’s TWID also gave us a look at the season pass Exotic for Season of the Wish, and some changes to lost sector rewards. Also, Bungie teased that next week’s TWID will contain information on long-awaited changes to the Stasis subclass, as well as our first look at next season’s Stasis-themed artifact perks. This means players looking to beat the new dungeon on day one may want to dust off their Stasis builds.

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