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Bungie Reveals New Trace Rifle and Trials of Osiris Loot Pool for Next Season

In Season of the Wish, Trials of Osiris will bring a brand-new Adaptive Frame trace rifle called Incisor.

The This Week in Destiny blog post detailed that the Trials of Osiris playlist would be losing the Immortal SMG and Astral Horizon shotgun in Season of the Wish, but in their place, it would be adding the reprised Eye of Sol sniper rifle alongside a brand-new weapon, the Incisor Adaptive Frame trace rifle.

While the loss of Immortal, which is arguably the best SMG in the game for PVP, will be felt, the fact that it is being replaced by the very first Strand trace rifle feels appropriate as it will be a sought-after weapon. Moreover, this marks the very first Kinetic slot Legendary trace rifle in the entire game since Ager’s Scepter and the Navigator are Exotic Stasis and Strand trace rifles respectively. The perks for the Incisor remain to be seen, but although Trials of Osiris is an endgame PVP playlist, players can expect to see very strong perk combinations on this trace rifle.

Alongside the Incisor, Trials of Osiris is bringing back the Eye of Sol sniper rifle. This sniper rifle was one of the best sniper rifles for PVP in its time and with it being reprised, players can expect to see brand-new perks on the weapon — as was the case for weapons like The Messenger pulse rifle and the Igneous Hammer hand cannon. Regardless of the perk combinations, the Kinetic slot can expect one powerhouse of a sniper rifle in the form of the Eye of Sol in Season of the Wish.

These aren’t the only weapons entering the seasonal loot pool as Nightfalls are getting the Uzume RR4 as a reprised Arc weapon instead of being Solar, alongside Undercurrent, an Arc Wave Frame breech loaded grenade launcher. Also, Iron Banner is getting Lethal Abundance, a Strand High Impact Frame auto rifle with the Riiswalker Lightweight Frame Kinetic shotgun.

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