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Trials of Osiris Will Reward Consecutive Wins in Destiny 2

Players can earn rewards by getting three or more wins on their card in Trials of Osiris.

Going Flawless every weekend in Trials of Osiris is a difficult task in Destiny 2, especially if you end up with a six-win Flawed Passage. Although you might not end up visiting The Lighthouse, Season 23 — now known as the Season of the Wish — will recognize your efforts with rewards for consecutive wins on your card before it becomes flawed.

In the TWID blog post, many changes for Season 23 were announced regarding Crucible. This includes new PVP modes, the updated Trials loot pool, and a significant change to the Trials of Osiris rewards system. While you will still need to achieve a total of seven consecutive wins to go Flawless, you and your team will still receive rewards as you progress through the Trials card. These are the following rewards for their specific win cards:

  • Three wins: one Trials of Osiris armor piece.
  • Four wins: five Enhancement Cores.
  • Five wins: one Trials of Osiris weapon.
  • Six wins: three Enhancement Prisms.

These are weekly rewards, and they are cumulative. So, if you get six consecutive wins, you will get the respective reward and all of the ones below it. Also, the drop rate for Adept weapons for seven-win cards after Flawless will increase, giving players a chance to receive bigger and better rewards.

Not only that, but Bungie is also planning to make Crucible a fairer experience by using the lobby balances as a snake draft and further tuning to the Confidence rating per playlist. All of this is alongside the skill compression that is being implemented and improved.

One thing to remark about this specific change is the Enhancement Core rewards add to the already-announced Master Rahool Enhancement Core conversion. It seems like the Enhancement Core drought will be a thing of the past, so be ready to Masterwork your weapons, armor, and Ghost shells.

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