PSA: Resilience is Totally Broken in Destiny 2 Right Now

Everyone loves throwing grenades and firing off their Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, but you can’t do those things if you’re dead. In the past, we’ve had various means of ensuring that we don’t die, and some of them have since been deprecated. For example, the Protective Light mod used to be a great way to reduce incoming damage, but it was nerfed from reducing damage by 50% to 10%. Luckily, Season of the Haunted has introduced some new survival tech by buffing an old stat that historically hasn’t been of much use in PVE: Resilience.

As demonstrated in this video by Misleading, cranking your Resilience up to 100 gives you a 40% damage reduction across the board. First off, that’s a wild number. But consider that Resilience also doesn’t require you to proc it — you don’t need to be Charged with Light or pick up a Well, you’re simply taking nearly half the amount of damage you would with zero Resilience. Throwing in some healing, like a Rift, Sunspots, or even just a bunch of Recovery, will take things even further. This isn’t limited to Solar builds either, of course — anyone can use it, from Striker Titans to Nightstalker Hunters.

I imagine Bungie’s going to nerf Resilience’s upgraded damage reduction, because it seems like it’ll be a no-brainer to max Recovery in high-level PVE until they do. I used to try to max Discipline and Intellect, but I’m going to be hunting a new set of high-Resilience armor to Masterwork for the season. If you want to try and do the same, there’s a mod you can equip to your Ghost that ensures that armor drops have high Resilience, and it works with focusing Umbral Engrams. That means you can use either the War Table from last season or the Crown of Sorrow (once you unlock the ability to focus armor) to farm for high-Resilience drops of different pieces. In the meantime, I’ve just switched out my Discipline mods for Resilience ones — it’s not like I need them with my *snap snap* Sunbracers build. Doesn’t hurt that the Seasonal Armor gives more currency drops, which seems like Bungie’s new approach to getting people to try running it ever since they abandoned sunsetting and restrictive mod slots.

Have you tried messing around with Resilience yet in Season of the Haunted? Let me know in the comments, and tell me all about your broken Solar 3.0 builds while you’re there, too.

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