Destiny 2 Harbinger Title Guide – All Required Triumphs for Shadowkeep Title

We are the Harbinger of your destiny.

If you, like me, haven’t taken the time to grind out the Harbinger title that came alongside the release of Shadowkeep, then this guide is for you. We’ve got details on all of the triumphs, armor pieces, weapons, and more which you need to accomplish in order to unlock the Destiny 2 title.

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Harbinger Required Triumphs

Most of the Harbinger triumphs are pretty self explanatory.

  • Lunar Rover Badge – (See below for specifics)
  • Nightmare Hunts Time-Trial Master – Complete all Nightmare Hunt time-trial Triumphs. (See below)
  • Flawless Master Nightmare Hunt – Complete any Nightmare Hunt on Master difficulty without dying.
  • Symphony of Death – Dispatch the Deathsingers and acquire the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer.
  • Alters of Sorrow: Sorrow’s Bane – At Tier V, clear all five phases in a row without a single sacrifice and then defeat the boss.
  • Eternal Heretic – Complete Pit of Heresy without dying.
  • Usurper – Complete the Pit of Heresy solo.
  • Lost No More – Located the last of the dead Ghosts.
  • Let Them Eat Rice Cakes – Find and feed all the rabbits on the Moon.
  • Wandering Nightmares – Find and defeat powerful Nightmares unleashed to wander the Moon. (See below)

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Nightmare Hunts Time-Trial Master Times

These are the times you’ll need to beat:

  • Nightmare Hunt: Isolation (Taniks) – 7 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Pride (Skolas) – 8 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Rage (Ghaul) – 9 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Fear (Phogoth) – 10 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Anguish (Omnigul) – 10 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Insanity (The Fanatic) – 11 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Servitude (Zydron) – 12 minutes
  • Nightmare Hunt: Despair (Crota) – 15 minutes

Wandering Nightmares Triumph

The wandering nightmares rotate on a weekly basis.

  • Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota – Located in Sorrow’s Harbor underneath the final Alter of Sorrows location. Jump down to the right facing the Crimson Keep door.
  • Nightmare of Jaxx, Claw of Xivu Arath – Located in the Hellmouth on the pedestal where we descended into the Hellmouth in the original Destiny.
  • Nightmare of Horkis, Fear of Mithrax – Located in the Anchor of Light in the cave near the K1 Communion Lost Sector.
  • Fallen Council – Located in Anchor’s Line near the western-most golden chest.

Lunar Rover Badge Requirements

This is all of the gear you’ll need to obtain if you hope to get the badge which is a requirement for the title.

  • Moonshot Shell – Wandering Nightmares Triumph
  • Moonrider One – Complete Eris Memory Quests
  • The Third Tide – Alter of Sorrow: Sorrow’s Bane Triumph
  • Lunar Halcyon Gift – Flawless Master Nightmare Hunt Triumph
  • Lunar Gloom – Let Them Eat Rice Cakes Triumph
  • A Sibyl’s Dreams – Nightmare Hunts Time-Trial Master Triumph
  • Lunar Memoriam – Lost No More Triumph
  • Nightmare Essence Weapons – Essence Bounties, Eris Morn Engrams
    • Arc Logic (Essence of Failure)
    • Loud Lullaby (Essence of Brutality)
    • Premonition (Essence of Envy)
    • Every Waking Moment (Essence of Obscurity)
    • Dream Breaker (Essence of Servitude)
    • One Small Step (Essence of Rage)
    • Tranquility (Essence of Vanity)
    • Love and Death (Essence of Insanity)
    • A Fine Memorial (Essence of Greed)
    • Night Terror (Essence of Jealousy)
  • Deathbringer Exotic – A Death of Nightmares Quest
  • Xenophage Exotic – The Journey Quest
  • Alter of Sorrows Weapons – Tier V Completion (Rotates Daily)
    • Blasphemer
    • Apostate
    • Heretic
  • Bane of Crota Shell – Alter of Sorrow Completions (Random Drop)
  • Sanguine Static – Complete Pit of Heresy
  • Bane of Tyrants – Pit of Heresy Completions (Random Drop)
  • Shadowkeep Mission Armor – Shadowkeep Main Quest
    • Dreambane Helmet
    • Dreambane Chest
    • Dreambane Arms
    • Dreambane Legs
    • Dreambane Class Item

And that’s it! Best of luck grinding out the title!


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