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The Rarest Seals and Titles in Destiny 2 (January 2023)

In Destiny 2, players can unlock seals and associated titles by completing certain tasks. These might be tied to a specific dungeon, a new location, or a kind of PVP activity. Unlocking titles is a major part of the Destiny 2 endgame, so you might be wondering — which are the rarest? We used the site Braytech to figure this out, since Bungie doesn’t publish official statistics. As a result, these percentages might not reflect all Destiny 2 players, but it’s a pretty good approximation.

First, let’s get a few titles out of the way. MMXXII is the current Moments of Triumph seal, celebrating achievements related to Destiny 2 content from 2022. As of this writing, only 4.62% of players have it. However, that number will likely increase before the release of Lightfall, so we’re not including it. We’re also not including WANTED, which is the title from the new Spire of the Watcher Dungeon. While it is currently the rarest available seal at 2.65% of players having it, it too will likely become less rare as the season goes on.

A few more honorable mentions before we get into the list proper — if you have any of these seals, then you’re either highly skilled or very dedicated:

  • MMXIX (Moments of Triumph 2019): 9.86% of players
  • Undying (Season of the Undying): 9.10% of players
  • Harbinger (Shadowkeep): 8.98% of players
  • Flawless (Trials): 8.68% of players
  • Fatebreaker (Vault of Glass): 8.51% of players

10. Gumshoe (8.02%)

The Gumshoe title comes from the Witch Queen expansion, requiring players to complete a series of challenges on Savathun’s Throne World. Probably the most time-consuming part of this title is crafting all of the Throne World weapons, which requires running the Wellspring activity to get Deepsight versions of the weapons. Since each weapon is only available on particular days, this can take a while.

9. Enlightened (8.02%)

Those who conquer the Garden of Salvation Raid will earn the Enlightened title. This title requires the usual Raid team composition triumphs as well as some tricky challenges that involve manipulating the activity’s signature tethers. Still, at least you don’t need a flawless completion to earn it.

Destiny 2 Rarest Titles

8. Rivensbane (7.55%)

Speaking of flawless Raid completions, Rivensbane is still quite a rare title despite having been in the game since Forsaken. Most Raid titles are fairly rare, but Rivensbane continues to stick in the top ten simply because it demands that players complete a flawless run of the Raid.

7. Chronicler (6.89%)

The first Legacy title on this list, Chronicler is no longer available in Destiny 2. It’s a title associated with collecting in-game lore, and the main reason that it’s so rare is because of one specific lore book. This book required that players visit the Dreaming City over and over again on specific weeks in order to visit Queen Mara’s throne room and collect pages, and a lot of players simply didn’t bother with it before it was vaulted in Beyond Light.

6. Shadow (6.02%)

Another Legacy title, Shadow represented a combination of Season of Opulence activities and the Crown of Sorrow Raid. You had to do a lot to get this title, which explains why so few players have it. That included a flawless run of the Crown of Sorrow, collecting all of the Raid gear, and rapid runthroughs of the Menagerie activity.

5. Blacksmith (5.32%)

Like Shadow, Blacksmith combined seasonal activities with Raid challenges. In this case, it required getting all of the Black Armory Exotic weapons, then getting a whole mess of kills with them. You also had to complete a Flawless run of Scourge of the Past. If you never played that Raid, there was a Sparrow race segment in the middle. Imagine the one in Grasp of Avarice, but much, much worse.

4. Discerptor (5.23%)

Back to titles that are still available in Destiny 2, you can earn Discerptor by mastering the Duality Dungeon. Most players likely got this back during the Dungeon’s launch in Season of the Haunted, thanks to a number of mods that made certain builds nigh-unkillable. The toughest part of this one is definitely the solo Duality completion.

Destiny 2 Rarest Titles

3. Disciple-Slayer (4.86%)

Disciple-Slayer is a cool-sounding title, and if you have it then you should be pretty proud of yourself — very few Destiny 2 players can say the same. While it doesn’t require a Flawless completion of the Vow of the Disciple Raid, some of those challenges aren’t easy.

2. Kingslayer (4.48%)

What is a Disciple to a King? Kingslayer narrowly beats out Disciple-Slayer as the rarest Raid-related title in Destiny 2. It’s also, unless you count the exceptions we mentioned at the top of this piece, the rarest available title in the game. But it isn’t the absolute rarest. No, that honor goes to…

1. Reckoner (3.93%)

Yes, Reckoner. This title required perhaps more work and dedication than any other currently or previously in Destiny 2, as evidenced by the tiny number of players who earned it. Back when we had Gambit and Gambit Prime, Reckoner required Guardians to go through the onerous process of crafting four different sets of armor by playing through the Reckoning activity. But that wasn’t all. Once you actually had the armor sets — one for each Gambit “role” — you had to complete various challenges while wearing them. Reckoner was a huge pain to get, and if you have it then you can rest assured that you’ll likely continue to have the rarest title in Destiny 2 until the game shuts down.

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