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Destiny 2 Warden Title Guide – All Triumphs for Season of the Hunt Seal

Season of the Hunt has started. While all your focus may be on Destiny 2’s new Beyond Light expansion, at some point we will transition back to consuming our content on a seasonal rotation. The latest title up for grabs is Warden which will task you with some things Bungie hasn’t asked players of in the past. For all of the details on required triumphs and more, read on!

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Warden Required Triumphs

I’m honestly a fan of the direction Bungie has gone with this season’s seal and title. While it continues to focus on the playable content of the season, it also introduces a trio of triumphs which require you to use specific weaponry that you may otherwise have skipped. Some may feel annoyed by having to use weapons they don’t like, but honestly I’m all for Bungie putting a spotlight on specific additions to the arsenal.

And to give context to something, there are four secret triumphs. Two of them are classified as per usual, but another two are showing partial data. One appears to be a quest mission, perhaps tied to an exotic, while the other simply shows a feather in front of what appears to be a moon and is also tied to a quest.

If you’re wondering which weapons the game is talking about in Tools of the Hunt and Renaissance Hunter, we’re not entirely sure. There is no new Linear Fusion Rifle, Submachine Gun, or Grenade Launcher in the Beyond Light content, so we might be getting new weapons at some point during the season.

Note: There are only 11 triumphs listed below but the official seal indicates that it requires 19 triumphs to unlock, so check back later! Keep in mind that much of this data was revealed via the Destiny API and is not yet available in the game. 

  • Hive-Made Monster: Acquire all seven upgrades for the cryptolith Lure.
  • Stalk and Snare: Tangled Shore: Defeat each Tier 2 Fallen Wrathborn on the Tangled Shore. (Savek + HKD-1)
  • Stalk and Snare: Dreaming City: Defeat each Tier 2 Hive Wrathborn in the Dreaming City. (Dul Arath + Xillox)
  • Hunting Attire: Defeat Wrathborn while wearing pieces of seasonal armor. More pieces of armor grant more efficient progress.
  • Tools of the Hunt: Defeat combatants with each seasonal weapon.
    • 400 Submachine Gun Kills
    • 200 Grenade Launcher Kills
    • 100 Linear Fusion Rifle Kills
  • One’s True Culling: Defeat combatants with each Season Pass weapon.
    • 400 Royal Chase Scout Rifle Kills
    • 200 Blast Battue Grenade Launcher Kills
  • Renaissance Hunter: Hone your skills with the seasonal weaponry. Defeat combatants at close range with the Submachine Gun, rapidly defeat combatants with the Grenade Launcher, and deal precision final blows with the Linear Fusion Rifle.
    • 200 Submachine Gun close-range defeats
    • 50 Grenade Launcher rapid defeats
    • 50 Linear Fusion Rifle precision final blows
  • Talon of Light: Complete the exotic quest Let Loose Thy Talons.
  • Wrathender: Complete the Coup de Grace mission.
  • Secret Triumph: No information.
  • Secret Triumph: No information.

If you happen to be missing exotics from past seasons, keeping you from completing badges, you can now purchase some of these from the Monument to Lost Lights which is new to the Tower with Beyond Light. Instead of completing lengthy quests, you can obtain these firearms by purchasing them with various rare crafting materials. This includes Exotic Ciphers, Legendary Shards, and Ascendant Shards, all of which will take a bit of work to obtain. And starting this weekend, Xur will start selling ciphers!

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