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How to Craft Ammit AR2 With Destiny 2 Glitch on Console

There's a new bug in Destiny 2 that lets you craft Legendary weapons with Exotic traits or other Legendary weapon archetypes. One of the most popular combinations is creating a god roll Ammit AR2 Legendary auto rifle with the Aggressive Frame archetype. While it's easier to perform the glitch on a PC than console, you can still do it.

How to Craft Aggressive Frame Ammit AR2 on Console

The goal is to glitch the screen from one selected weapon to the weapon you want to craft, quickly. You may need to lower frame rates, slow your internet connection speed, and download some games in the background to get this glitch to work.

So, to get that Ammit AR2 with the Aggressive Frame, head to the Enclave from Savathun's Throne World to Shape a weapon at the Relic. Place your cursor over the unlocked patterns of Ragnhild-D or Imperial Decree Legendary shotguns and quickly press X, L1, then X — this button pattern is for PS5, but you can do the Xbox equivalent. fanbyte_destiny 2 bug crafting aggressive frame

Essentially, you're trying to select either Ragnhild-D or Imperial Decree and immediately swap it for Ammit AR2. It's easier if you have the Imperial Decree pattern unlocked since, like Ammit AR2, it's also in the second row in its respective category. fanbyte_destiny 2 bug crafting

It will take a few attempts, but it's possible. We crafted both the Come to Pass auto rifle, which originally has a High-Impact Frame, and the Ammit AR2, which has a Precision Frame, to get the Aggressive Frame archetype. An Aggressive Frame weapon has high recoil, high damage, and increases the rate of fire after getting a kill. Ammit AR2_glitch aggressive frame crafting_fanbyte.jpg

As you can expect, these auto rifles are quite entertaining in the Crucible. However, the Destiny 2 Teams Twitter account updated players saying that it will fix the bug soon. Bungie will deploy the first fix over the weekend. 

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