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Bungie Delays Master Crota’s End Raid Due to Crafting Bug

Bungie is still trying to fix the crafting glitch.

The crafting bug in Destiny 2 allowed players to create overpowered weapons, obliterating PVP opponents and PVE bosses alike. While Bungie is working on a total fix, it delayed the Master Crota's End raid and Checkmate Control modifier for Crucible Labs. The patch that would make the Essence of the Oversoul material farmable will launch later as well.

"We want to protect the player experience with these new activities, so we are now targeting a Thursday release at the soonest," the Bungie Help account tweeted. So, players may see these new features in-game on September 21.

On September 16, Bungie stated that it wouldn't issue a rollback to fix the bug, but instead, it would temporarily prevent players from using crafted weapons. A day later, Bungie began its first fix to temporarily disable some Exotic and Legendary perks on crafted weapons, while still allowing players to equip their crafted weapons. "This includes: Osteo Striga, Revision Zero, Dead Man’s Tale, Dead Messenger, Vexcalibur, and all three Exotic class glaives. This will not affect any versions of these that exist that were not crafted," it stated

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Next, Bungie plans to replace corrupt perks on crafted weapons. Funky combinations of Legendary frame archetypes and Exotic traits gave ordinary weapons a damage boost that could one-shot Guardians or take down a raid boss. It makes sense why Bungie would choose to delay the Master version of the newly reprised Crota's End raid when, currently, a Legendary auto rifle (ahem, Ammit AR2) is as powerful as a machine gun. 

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