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Destiny 2 Deepsight Harmonizer — How to Get & Use for Weapon Crafting

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Deep introduced an interesting sort of currency, Deepsight Harmonizer. These Harmonizers improve Guardians’ ability to craft weapons of their choice, eliminating a sometimes painful grind to earn multiple red-border Deepsight Resonance patterns of a single weapon.

Deepsight Harmonizers allow players to immediately extract progress toward weapon patterns from craftable, non-red border weapons of their choice. This means you no longer have to solely rely on RNG to collect weapon pattern progress. Essentially, the Deepsight Harmonizer instantly produces one instance of weapon pattern progress out of up to five you need to earn the pattern. 

Here’s what you need to know about how to get Deepsight Harmonizers and use them to craft god roll versions of your favorite guns, swords, bows, and glaives.

How to get and use a Deepsight Harmonizer

Deepsight Harmonizers are presently available as season pass rewards, which you earn by completing season ranks. With Season of the Deep, players who do not own the season pass can earn three Deepsight Harmonizers. Guardians who own the season content can earn a total of six. Deepsight Harmonizers are single-use consumables, and you can only use on an individual weapon in your inventory.

deepsight harmonizer destiny 2
The Deepsight Harmonizer reward in the season pass.

Unfortunately, you can only hold one Deepsight Harmonizer at a time. You can leave them unclaimed until the end of the season and do all your Deepsight Harmonizing at once based on weapon stockpiles.

To use a Deepsight Harmonizer you’ve already claimed as a seasonal reward, select your chosen weapon from your inventory. Note whether it says “Deepsight activation is available for this weapon.” If so, select the “Details” button, hover over the empty slot that says “Empty Deepsight socket,” and use the Deepsight Harmonizer. Then, you can extract the weapon pattern progress. 

Using Deepsight Harmonizers on raid weapons, such as the Last Wish raid weapons that are craftable as of Season of the Deep, requires Spoils of Conquest for activation in addition to the Harmonizer itself.

Which weapons to progress

Players can use a Deepsight Harmonizer to gain pattern progress on their preferred eligible weapons. However, one smart strategy is to apply weapon pattern progress to a non-red border version of a difficult-to-obtain weapon you would like to craft, particularly if you already have some weapon pattern progress towards that weapon.

Some favorites include:

  • Calus Mini-Tool SMG
  • Retrofit Escapade machine gun
  • Bump in the Night rocket launcher
  • Hollow Denial trace rifle
  • Tarnished Mettle scout rifle

That’s everything to know about Destiny 2’s Deepsight Harmonizers. Check our guide to the Best PvE Weapons in Destiny 2 if you need more crafting inspiration. Or, dig into All Three New Armor Exotics in Season of the Deep to see what seasonal armor pieces you can match with your newly craftable weapons.

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