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Destiny 2 Eremite Deepsight Guide - Eremite Pattern Farming

It isn't a new Destiny 2 season without a swath of new weapons, but Season of the Witch blesses Guardians with the all-new Eremite Solar High-Impact Frame fusion rifle. The weapon is already finding a home in the game's PVE meta due to its reputation as an absolute banger. 

While there’s a chance to get its god roll to drop, this seasonal weapon is craftable, meaning the most dedicated grinders among us can craft it and endow it with our favorite traits. However, crafting Eremite requires five red-border versions of the weapon to extract its Deepsight patterns. Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 red-border weapon drop rate isn't exceptionally high, which means that if you want your own craftable Eremite, you'll not only need to farm for it, but may also need to take a few shortcuts to ensure you can craft your preferred version of this weapon.

How to Get Eremite Deepsight Patterns

The Eremite drops from Savathun's Spire or Altars of Summoning activities, and each Eremite you get from these activities has a chance to be a red-border weapon. Unfortunately, this process doesn’t guarantee a Deepsight Eremite or any other weapon of choice, due to RNG. If you're a solo player attempting to farm this way, you may prefer to play Savathun's Spire since Altars of Summoning is a bit more challenging with random teammates. 

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If this seems like too much grind, there are a few ways to specifically target Eremite Deepsight patterns in Season of the Witch.

You can improve your chance of getting Deepsight patterns for the weapon of your choice as you level up and turn in Witch engrams at the Ritual Table in the Athenaeum. While at the Ritual Table, you can focus Witch’s Engrams toward your weapon of choice. So, one way to earn Eremite Deepsight patterns is to ensure you focus your Witch’s Engrams as Eremite weapons when at the Ritual Table.

Some of the game's seasonal Minor Arcana Whisper cards can also help you obtain specific weapons with Deepsight patterns. While there's a limited selection of Minor Arcana cards you can collect throughout the season, the specific cards you'll get at any time are contingent on RNG. Be on the lookout for: 

  • Empowered Rewards: On Legend difficulty, when using a Witch's Key to open Witch's Chests in Savathûn's Spire, you gain an additional armor piece and a Deepsight Resonant weapon.
  • Witchcrafting: The next Season of the Witch weapon you focus at the Ritual Table will be Deepsight Resonant if possible.

Witchcrafting is particularly powerful because if you get this card and then choose to focus your next Witch’s Engram to be an Eremite, this gives you a guaranteed Eremite Deepsight pattern. While Empowered Rewards doesn't ensure a Deepsight pattern for the weapon of your choice, it still guarantees a seasonal Deepsight weapon pattern as long as you frequently generate Witch's Keys and complete Savathun's Spire on Legend difficulty. If you have this card and are constantly using Witch's Keys to open chests, you are more likely to get an Eremite Deepsight pattern.

Finally, if you're struggling to get red-border drops from Savathun's Spire and Altars of Summoning and have limited success at the Ritual Table, you can use Deepsight Harmonizers on Eremites that do not already have Deepsight. As you level up your season pass, you will have the chance to earn up to six Deepsight Harmonizers throughout the season.

Once you collect all five Deepsight patterns, you can craft the Eremite. Consider crafting a version with Controlled Burst, which causes the weapon to do 20% more damage and decreases its charge time by 10%, if you land all bullets in the burst. You can also add the Envious Assassin trait. With Envious Assassin, defeating targets with other weapons before drawing the Eremite transfers ammo to its magazine from reserves for an effect that can overflow the magazine based on the number of targets defeated.

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