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Destiny 2 Best Titan Pyrogale Gauntlets Build Guide

Build your Titan subclass around the Exotic Pyrogale Gauntlets arms in Destiny 2.

Season of the Witch has arrived in Destiny 2, and with it comes three new Exotic armor pieces, one for each class. If you want to add the Pyroflame Gauntlets to your arsenal, then you must complete one of two tasks: You can either run Vex Strike Force Public Events on Neomuna for an Exotic drop or complete the Solo Legendary Lost Sector when it rotates to Arms armor day. 

The Titans get the new Pyrogale Gauntlets Solar Exotic that improves the effects of Burning Maul Super and Consecration Aspect. This powerful Exotic can allow Burning Maul to one-shot major bosses while retaining its utility for ad-clear, so here’s how Pyrogale Gauntlets synergises with the Sunbreaker Titan.

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Pyrogale Gauntlets Titan Build

The main goal of this build is to deal massive amounts of damage to bosses. Pyrogale Gauntlets enable this damage by turning your Burning Maul Super into a single high-damage slam — similar to how Celestial Nighthawk affects Hunter’s Golden Gun Super. While this is very powerful, we can eke out extra efficiency by properly selecting armor mods and subclass Fragments.

  • Arms: Pyrogale Gauntlets
  • Armor Mods: Hands On, Heavy Handed
  • Weapon: Any
  • Class: Sunbreaker Titan
  • Aspects: Roaring Flames, Consecration

The main goal with the Hands On and Heavy Handed armor mods is to allow our Solar melee abilities to generate Super energy and unleash the one-shot Burning Maul as frequently as possible. These are the characteristics of the two armor mods:

  • Hands On (Helmet Mod): Gain bonus super energy on melee kills.
  • Heavy Handed (Arms Mod): Your powered melee final blows create Orbs of Power.

Although unleashing your Super with Pyrogale Gauntlets deals massive damage, you can improve this further by combining the Roaring Flames Aspect with the Throwing Hammer. As you get kills with your abilities — including the nearly unlimited throws of your hammer — you will gain stacks of Roaring Flames, providing a damage boost to all abilities. Additionally, each of those hammer kills will generate an Orb of Power, giving you Super energy to help keep your Super charged and Armor Charge abilities active. Another benefit of Roaring Flames is that each stack increases your Solar ability damage, meaning that hammer throws and Burning Maul will deal more damage.

Another way to generate stacks of Roaring Flames is by triggering Ignitions. These are caused by a buildup of Scorched stacks on enemies, so using Fragments to increase the amount of Scorched stacks and their duration will allow you to achieve more Ignitions.

With the Consecration Aspect equipped, Pyrogale Gauntlets creates a fiery tornado. Activate Consecration by using your powered melee ability during a slide, which will throw you into the air. Activating the melee ability again in mid-air will cause you to slam into the ground, sending out a wave of Solar damage and spawning the Pyrogale Gauntlets tornado. The tornado will hunt down enemies for a brief period after it has appears, increasing the ability’s damage output. 

While any Solar weapon will work well with Pyrogale Gauntlets, a Calus Mini-Tool SMG or Coronach-22 auto rifle with the Incandescent perk can create additional Ignitions, which adds stacks of Roaring Flames. Sunshot is also a great choice, as it can quickly demolish groups of enemies to generate plenty of Orbs of Power, and help you charge your Super. 

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