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Destiny 2 Best Hunter Mothkeeper’s Wraps Build Guide

Build your Hunter subclass around the Exotic Mothkeeper's Wraps arms in Destiny 2.

Season of the Witch brought three new Exotic armor pieces to Destiny 2 that players with the season pass can earn from doing Solo Legend Lost Sectors or Vex Strike Force on Neomuna. Hunters get the Mothkeeper's Wraps Exotic arms, which pairs extremely well with the new seasonal Arc Ex Diris Exotic grenade launcher.

Mothkeeper’s Wraps replace your grenade slot with moth grenades, and these moths function the same way as the Lucent Hive ones. On impact, the moth grenade creates one Void moth, giving you or the nearest ally an overshield, while the other moth seeks out nearby enemies to deal an Arc Blinding explosion. If you defeat a distant enemy, the grenade spawns two Arc moths instead. Additionally, final blows with Ex Diris create Arc moths, but with Mothkeeper’s Wraps equipped, the grenade launcher spawns one Void and one Arc moth. 

The synergy between Mothkeeper’s Wraps and Ex Diris grenade launcher lets you gain overshields while clearing ads with their unique ability to create moths — and yes, this is THE Hunter moth build. This synergy becomes even more exciting with the Strand subclass. 

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Mothkeeper’s Wraps Hunter Build

We took some tips from a Reddit post that breaks down Mothkeeper’s Wraps, and after a bit of trial-and-error, we came up with the following combination of mods and abilities. So, let’s dive into the Hunter moth build.

  • Subclass: Strand
  • Grenade: Grapple (has the shortest base cooldown)
  • Aspects: Widow’s Silk and Whirling Maelstrom
  • Fragments: Thread of Generation, Thread of Warding, Thread of Transmutation, and Thread of Fury
  • Arms: Mothkeeper’s Wraps
  • Armor Mods: Grenade Kickstart, Impact Induction, Special Ammo Finder, Arc and Kinetic Siphon, Font of Endurance, Concussive Dampener, Innervation, Better Already, Arc Weapon Surge, Bomber, Reaper, Powerful Attraction
  • Weapon: Ex Diris Exotic grenade launcher, Strand weapons
    • Corrupted Nucleosynthesis: Intrinsic perk; This weapon enrages when dealing or taking sustained damage, gaining increased rate of fire while enraged.
  • Shader: Irradiant Charoite (not necessary, but its a pretty shader that matches the Exotic arms)

The Widow’s Silk Aspect gives you three moth grenades, and the new Whirling Maelstrom Aspect creates a violent Tangle that's perfect for defeating smaller enemies and dealing damage to bosses. The Thread of Generation Fragment is an obvious pick because dealing damage generates grenade energy, giving more opportunities to throw down those moths. 

With the Thread of Fury, damage from Tangles gives you melee energy — your melee Severs opponents and can create more Tangles when defeated. Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail for 10 seconds with the Thread of Warding, and while you have Woven Mail, weapon final blows can create Tangles because of Thread of Transmutation. This leads to more ad-clearing and Orb-creating opportunities, while you take less non-precision damage from enemies during Woven Mail.

There are several armor mods to choose from, but the ones listed above are specific to Arc weapons, Orb generation, maintaining resilience, and grenade energy. So, you can run around shooting Ex Diris to obtain a Void overshield and send Arc moths to get nearby enemies. Through Corrupted Nucleosynthesis, you get increased rate of fire when taking or dealing damage. When you generate Orbs through your abilities or Siphon mods, you get Woven Mail damage resistance and health regeneration, and with Woven Mail you can create more Tangles — helping you damage enemies and boost your cooldowns. Strand weapons in the Kinetic or Power slots can work here, but the Thin Precipice sword with Chain Reaction is a great option for creating Tangles. 

This Hunter build is for players who love running into hordes of ads, and it’s a fun Exotic arm and grenade launcher combination that turns you into a Lucent Hive Knight. Also, if you want to try out the new the Exotic Pyrogale Gauntlets for Titans and the Briarbands for Warlocks, check out those build guides too. 

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