A Small Gift & Corsair Down Quests in the Dreaming City – Destiny 2 Guide

The Destiny 2: Forsaken endgame destination, the Dreaming City, is full of all sorts of secrets and adventures. It’s home to such activities as the Last Wish Raid, the Blind Well, and an awesome dungeon — the first in Destiny history. It’s also one of the best places to get new (and attractive) loot with the game’s “Powerful Gear” system.

But there’s also a bunch of… stuff you can collect. Much of it doesn’t tell you what to do with it or what it’s for in the first place. The two most common items of this nature are called “A Small Gift” and “Corsair Down.” The mysterious items will clutter up your Pursuit inventory, if you don’t use them up, so it’s best to know how to get the most out of them.

Here’s a guide to what these items actually are, what to do with them, and where to go to finish these quirky little quests.

A Small Gift

First up is A Small Gift, which is a rare and random drop from Public Events in the Dreaming City. You need to give this item to one of nine cat statues hidden around the city. They will reward you with a random Legendary item. Although it’s important to note that it won’t be Powerful-grade.

If you gift all nine cat statues, you are rewarded with a special emblem and a triumph.

  • Cat 1: Divalian Mists – In a cave underneath the cliff to the left of the main door that leads to the Blind Well.
  • Cat 2: Spine of Keres – At the base of a window on the third floor of the Oracle room.
  • Cat 3: Spine of Keres – Behind a geode wall and hidden behind some foliage.
  • Cat 4: Rheasilvia – On a cliffside found to the left of the entrance when coming from Divalian Mists.
  • Cat 5: Rheasilvia – On a branch near the entrance to the monastery.
  • Cat 6: Harbinger’s Seclude – On a tree soon after the entrance.
  • Cat 7:  Harbinger’s Seclude – On top of the roof of a building a few rooms away from Cat 6.
  • Cat 8: The Strand – On a cliff ledge to the left of the road that leads to Gardens of Esila.
  • Cat 9: Gardens of Esila – Next to a tree on top of a rock on the left side of the area, near where the Ascendant Challenge spawns.

Destiny 2 Corsair Down

Corsair Down

These items are a bit less rewarding. To be honest, they’re kind of a letdown — but interesting nonetheless.

Killing random enemies in the Dreaming City might drop an item called Corsair Down, emblazoned with Queen Mara Sov’s emblem. These items each have a short description. That text is your clue as to where to head next.

The item’s description will mention one areas in the Dreaming City. You must head there to follow the quest. For example, one of the descriptions is “The fieldcom device crackles weakly. You can just hear an encoded SOS, repeating something about a garden.” Using this clue — specifically the keyword that matches a named location on the map — you must head to Gardens of Esila.

In the area, you will find a dead Corsair: a member of the Queensguard. A good way to find them in each area is by aiming down sights with a sniper rifle. Doing so makes a mission icon pop up.

Interacting with the dead Corsair will spawn a bunch of enemies. Kill everything that spawns in and another item will drop.

The final step of the mini-quest is to take the item you receive and head to a Corsair somewhere in the city. A common spot is the cave across from the entrance to the Blind Well and Last Wish Raid. Interact with the Corsair for a very small, very disappointing reward.

And that’s it! You should be all set to find these micro-missions in Destiny 2. Corsair Down and A Small Gift might not give out much, but they are just two more secrets in a massive land of mysteries.