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How to Get Aloalo Potsherds in FFXIV

Have you heard the word of Aloalo Potsherds?

Many of the collectible mounts, minions and glamours of Final Fantasy XIV require exchanging a particular currency that players earn through the game's many activities. The newest Variant Dungeon that arrived in Patch 6.51, Aloalo Island, rewards currencies you can exchange for many unique items.

Aloalo Island offers 12 different routes that Warriors of Light can follow, making it possible for each trip to the deserted island to be different than the last. Each route has the chance to drop various minions, furnishing items, and Triple Triad cards at random through treasure chests. Hitting specific milestones in each route rewards a currency known as Aloalo Potsherds that players can trade for more items to add to their collections.

How to get an Aloalo Potsherd in FFXIV

Each of Aloalo Island's 12 routes has two bosses for the party to face off against. The first boss you'll fight, Quaqua, is considered a mini-boss that appears on every route. Depending on whether you chose the left, middle or right paths at the beginning, Quaqua will have minor variations in its mechanics, though the fight stays mostly the same.

FFXIV Aloalo Island
Image via Square Enix

After defeating Quaqua, opening the chest that appears will reward one Aloalo Potsherd. The chest acts as personal loot, so every player in the party will need to open it to receive a potsherd. With the path cleared, pushing on however you see fit will eventually lead you to the final boss of your chosen route. Regardless of which boss you face, defeating them will reward two Aloalo Potsherds from the chests that appear after the battle, giving each player a total of three potsherds throughout the route.

Where to spend Aloalo Potsherds in FFXIV

After collecting enough Aloalo Potsherds, you can return to Old Sharlayan and exchange them for rewards. By speaking to Trisassant, the Guildship Exchange (X: 12.0, Y: 13.3) near the Scholar's Harbor aetheryte shard, you'll find everything you can use the potsherds to purchase in the "Aloalo Island Artifact Exchange." Unlocking the option to exchange Aloalo Potsherds requires completing the Variant Dungeon's initial quest, "Stranger from Paradise."

FFXIV Aloalo Potsherd NPC.png
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

What to buy with Aloalo Potsherds in FFXIV

While any minions and mounts related to Aloalo Island are dropped randomly from chests or unlocked through an achievement, Trisassant still carries some desirable items in exchange for Aloalo Potsherds. Here is everything that you can purchase through the Aloalo Potsherd Exchange:

ItemAloalo Potsherds Required
Free Spirit’s Hat15
Free Spirit’s Jacket27
Free Spirit’s Ringbands9
Free Spirit’s Cropped Slops12
Free Spirit’s Backless Loafers9
Statice’s Wings3
Ballroom Etiquette - Humble Triumph9
Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid6
O Speaker, Slumber Orchestrion Roll9

99 Aloalo Potsherds total are required to purchase every item Trisassant has in stock, meaning you'll need 33 completed runs of Aloalo Island to obtain everything the vendor offers.

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