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How to Get Aloalo Coins in FFXIV

The criteria for earning Aloalo Coins is Criterion.

Final Fantasy XIV's Variant Dungeons allow players to choose their path rather than follow the linear design of a standard Dungeon in search of rewards. Their Criterion Dungeon counterparts, like Another Aloalo Island, remove the variety, crank up the difficulty, and give rewards worthy of those who conquer it.

Base difficulty Variant Dungeons allow up to four players to follow a series of branching paths, making choices along the way that will result in a unique ending and provide rewards. Criterion Dungeons remove the branching paths and Variant Actions, limiting the party to the traditional composition of one tank, healer, melee DPS, and magical or physical DPS. Any job abilities capable of raising a fallen party member are disabled, and every player is given a single Variant Raise to use per checkpoint.

The Criterion Dungeon "Another Aloalo Island" is on par with high-level Extreme and Savage content and will require a dedicated party to progress. The brave souls looking for rare rewards that the base Variant Dungeon doesn't offer, like the Quaqua mount, will need to work with their fellow Warriors of Light to earn Aloalo Coins.

How to get an Aloalo Coin in FFXIV

While the base difficulty Aloalo Island rewards Aloalo Potsherds from various chests that appear throughout its many routes, Another Aloalo Island only has one chest for players to grab spoils from once completing it. Each player who interacts with the chest will earn a guaranteed four Aloalo Coins and possibly the Quaqua Horn.

FFXIV Quaqua Mount
Image via Square Enix

Where to spend Aloalo Coins in FFXIV

With a few Criterion Dungeon completions under your belt and Aloalo Coins to spend, Trisassant the Guildship Exchange in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.0, Y: 13.3) will be happy to take them off your hands. You'll find the Aloalo Coin Exchange under the Aloalo Island Artifact Exchange menu option.

FFXIV Aloalo Potsherd NPC.png
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

What to buy with Aloalo Coins in FFXIV

There isn't a large variety of items that Trisassant offers in exchange for Aloalo Coins, but they do have one of the most coveted prizes for collectors — the Quaqua mount. For a sum of 100 Aloalo Coins, you can purchase the Quaqua Horn if the mount didn't appear as a reward during any of your successful Criterion Dungeon runs. Along with the mount, Trisassant offers a new framer's kit, an orchestrion roll,  and a plethora of materia.

Here is every item you can purchase in the Aloalo Coin Exchange:

ItemAloalo Coins Required
Aloalo Island Framer's Kit8
Quaqua Horn100
O Hunter, Rejoice Orchestrion Roll8
Savage Aim Materia IX2
Savage Aim Materia X4
Savage Might Materia IX2
Savage Might Materia X4
Heavens' Eye Materia IX2
Heavens' Eye Materia X4
Quickarm Materia IX2
Quickarm Materia X4
Quicktongue Materia IX2
Quicktongue Materia X4
Battledance Materia IX2
Battledance Materia X4
Piety Materia IX2
Piety Materia X4

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