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FFXIV x Fall Guys all Blunderville Events and Completion Guide

There are plenty of difficult routes in the new Fall Guys x FFXIV collaboration, here's how to win the crown.

The FFXIV x Fall Guys collaboration arrived in patch 6.51, adding a series of incredible parkour and jumping puzzle-like events inspired by Fall Guys. These events fit almost seamlessly into the Manderville Golden Saucer, where their series of GATEs already challenge players in a similar fashion.

But if you’re not familiar with Fall Guys or just new to the jumping puzzles and races, it can be a difficult task to navigate them. So, below is a guide to all the Blunderville events in the FFXIV x Fall Guys, how to complete them, and some helpful tips and tricks.

FFXIV x Fall Guys, All Blunderville Events Guides

Round 1 Events

In these events, there are 24 players and 16 possible winners. If you fall or are knocked off, you’ll be returned to the beginning, or the last checkpoint, whichever is closer.

Manderville-Can Parade (Race)

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

This is a classic Fall Guys level transformed for FFXIV. The first obstacle is some spinners, which you’ll need to dodge to avoid being knocked back. These don’t rotate constantly but alternate, so you’ll need to make sure to time running across them carefully.

Next, there are a pair of moving barriers that telegraph when they move laterally across the stage. Once you’ve avoided these, you’ll get a checkpoint.

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

Beyond this, you’ll move over a barrier that will apply the spinning debuff. This is identical to the debuff in the Alzadaal’s Legacy dungeon, and you’ll need to move while spinning to avoid the swinging obstacles. Completing the end of this will secure a checkpoint.

After you reach the end of this area, you’ll briefly become Dizzy before facing the final obstacle. This is a slippery slope with boulders rolling down and another series of boulders. If you’re stuck by a boulder or stop moving, you’ll briefly be stunned and fall back down. Avoid the obstacles, and you’ve completed the round. Sixteen players can qualify out of the 24 starters, so be quick!

Gentlebean’s Fever (Race)

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

A more medieval weapon-themed area, Gentlebean’s Fever starts off with a series of axe blades you’ll need to dodge while running up a steep hill. This hill also has holes in it, so avoid the holes and reach the top. The axe blades will telegraph where they’ll strike.

Next are a series of moving cones. If you’re struck by a cone’s AoE, you’ll be thrown into the air, and if you’re struck by the cone itself, you’ll be stunned. The area after this repeats the cones but with an icy floor, similar to Eden’s Verse: Refulgence. Avoid the cones while moving across the ice.

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

A second set of axe blades will see you descend down a slope, but with a counting down dice above your head, just like Eden’s Gate: Descent. After the dice reaches zero, you’ll explode, and the best way to avoid being knocked off here is to descend as far as possible and not find yourself in the patch of an axe blade when you explode.

Next, it’s time to have flashbacks to Rabanastre as you’re tasked with moving across an area with deadly spiked logs, all while having the Temporary Misdirection debuff that causes you only to be able to move in the direction indicated by the spinning arrow above your head. After you’ve cleared this, you’ve secured a checkpoint ahead of the final obstacle.

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

This final challenge is a series of disappearing logs. Run on a log until another appears next to it, and jump to it before it disappears. Make it to the end, and you’ve completed the stage.

Round 2 Events

These events will whittle 16 players down to eight and feature some of the more challenging games.

The Gold Swivller (Survival)

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

This one is a cross between a race and a survival game where you need to avoid Typhon from blowing you off the stage. To do this, you’ll need to run clockwise around the area, dodging spinners, barriers, and mallets. 

There are not many tricks to this one, except to keep to the inside path of the stage wherever possible and don’t get hit by the obstacles. Eventually, Typhon’s fungahs will speed up until only eight players remain.

Saucery Siege (Hunt)

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

This is one of the more complex events in the Blunderville arsenal and sees you carry colored crystals to the appropriate area. First, run to the middle of the stage to the pile of crystals and see which color buff you receive. This will be yellow, blue, or red. Then, run to the end of the corresponding colored area to score.

For the yellow area, Typhon is back again, and he’ll periodically blow you backward. Avoid him by putting your back against a wall.

For the red area, it’s just a case of dodging the fists that rise out of the ground, and moving platforms. These are very telegraphed, but if you’re hit, you’ll lose the crystal and have to start again.

For the blue area, there are quickly moving barriers. You’ll have to time it right so that as one barrier is about to start moving, you quickly move to where a barrier just stopped moving. There are also swinging axes to complicate things. Only eight players can qualify from this stage, so be as quick as possible.

Final Round Event

Manderville Mountain

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

This is the iconic Fall Guys mountain that sees you climb to grab a crown. This stage is all or nothing, and only one player will grab a crown. 

The first obstacle is a pair of spinners. They alternate, so it’s fairly easy to dodge them. Next, a large cannon is shooting yellow projectiles, you’ll need to avoid them the best you can. A trio of other spinners follows this, and then things get more challenging.

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

With cannon shots raining down, purple AoE squares will form lines down the hill. You’ll need to move left to right to dodge the AoEs while also dodging cannon fire.

The final obstacle is a series of mallets that can knock you back. Avoid these, run to the top of the mountain, and be first to hit the threshold and grab the crown to win. There can be only one winner.

General tips

  • Hitboxes in Blunderville are just like in any PvE content, and so you can avoid them by keeping the center of your character’s model out of them.
  • Always start the round by pressing forward to run. This will give you a headstart over other players.
  • Remember, you can jump. Some obstacles can be avoided by jumping.
  • Always stick to the inside track. The only way to win in the end is speed, and the quickest way between two points is a straight line.

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