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10 Rarest Hairstyles And How To Obtain Them

These tiny, lovely minions are sometimes difficult to obtain. We’ll tell you how.

Ah, the quiet period of Final Fantasy XIV. We’ve been in the slump of Patch 6.35 for some time, with the Moogle Treasure Trove being one of the few events taking up our time until Patch 6.4. Maybe you should partake of Island Sanctuary or enter the Crystalline Conflict arena. Or perhaps you’re focused on the glamour side of FFXIV, meaning you’re out looking for new equipment for your favorite look.

Another focus for the glamour-heavy are hairstyles. This article includes the ten rarest hairstyles in the game as of April 2023. Starting with the full list of hairstyles available at FFXIV Collect, we’ve removed items that can’t be obtained via in-game effort, like those on the Online Store minions. We’ve also removed any hairstyles that you can no longer obtain, like the “Strife” style. What’s left is a mix of recent additions to FFXIV and a cornucopia of coifs available from alternate content.

FFXIV Close Shave Female Hairstyle

A Close Shave

This is the rarest hairstyle that you can currently obtain, but that’s because it was just added in Patch 6.35. Modern Aesthetics – A Close Shave is a reward from the newest Deep Dungeon, Eureka Orthos. Once you’ve unlocked the new content and begin running it, you’ll obtain items related to the Accursed Hoard.

In this case, you want the Bronze Sacks. As you obtain the Sacks, you can take them to Valeroine in Mor Dhona (X: 34.9, Y: 19.1). The character is in the Eight Sentinels, near the Eureka Orthos entrance. Valeroine will appraise the Bronze Sacks and give you a random set of items. As such, your chances of getting the hairstyle are random.

FFXIV Wind Caller Male Hairstyle

Wind Caller

The next hairstyle in line is Modern Aesthetics – Wind Caller, which allows you to sport the headband and windswept locks of Bozja. This hairstyle is a reward from participating in the Bozjan Southern Front. To unlock the region, players have to have finished Shadowbringers content up to the quest “Old Enemies, New Threats” and completed the Stormblood “Return to Ivalice” Alliance Raid series.

Then you should pick up the quest “Hail to the Queen” from Keiten in Kugane (X: 12.2, Y: 12.3), followed by “Where Eagles Nest” from Marsak in Gangos (X: 6.4, Y: 5.7). Once you’ve completed these quests, you’ll have access to the Front. As you kill enemies in the regions, you’ll acquire Bozjan Clusters. Once you have 150 Bozjan Clusters, you can take them to the Resistance Quartermaster in Bozjan Southern Front (X: 14.2, Y: 29.6) to buy Modern Aesthetics – Wind Caller.

FFXIV Tall Tails Female Hairstyle

Tall Tails

This hairstyle and the next one on the list are rewards from participating in the Island Sanctuary. First, you need to unlock the special region by picking up the quest “Seeking Sanctuary” from the Clueless Crier in Old Sharlayan (X: 11.9, Y: 11.0). You do need to have completed the Endwalker MSQ to access the unlock quest in the first place.

Seafarer’s Cowries are currency earned by finishing visions on the island, developing it with new buildings, and performing other activities. Visions are the Island Sanctuary’s version of quests, but you can also get Cowries by completing weekly challenge logs and your workshop agenda. Once you have 6,000 Seafarer’s Cowries to spare, go talk to the Horrendous Hoarder at (X: 12.6, Y: 28.3) on your island to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Tall Tails.

FFXIV Practical Ponytails Male Hairstyle

Practical Ponytails

Like the previous hairstyle, this is also another Island Sanctuary reward. Follow the helpful tips above to net you another 6,000 Seafarer’s Cowries. Once that’s done, chat your helpful mammet Horrendous Hoarder at (X: 12.6, Y: 28.3) to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Practical Ponytails.

FFXIV Fashionably Feathered Female Hairstyle

Fashionably Feathered

Oddly enough, this hairstyle might be fashionable, but it comes only from the most terrible violence. You can pick up this hairstyle by participating in PVP. To do so, you must first be in a Grand Company and reach Level 30 on any combat job. Once that’s done, you can pick up the quest “A Pup No Longer”, which comes in three different iterations, depending on your chosen Grand Company.

Once you’ve unlocked PVP, participating in any type of action will give you Wolf Marks. Once you’ve obtained a total of 18,000 Wolf Marks, you can talk to the Mark Quartermaster at Wolves’ Den Pier (X: 4.4, Y: 6.0). This vendor will sell you the Modern Aesthetics – Fashionably Feathered.

FFXIV Both Ways Female Hairstyle

Both Ways

This is another hairstyle that comes from the Bozjan Southern Front, but it’ll require a bit more effort on your part. To unlock Zadnor, you need to progress the Resistance Relic Weapon questline until the quest “Fit for a Queen” is complete. Then you can pick up the quest “A New Playing Field” from Marsak in Gangos (X: 6.4, Y: 5.7).

While you’re running around in Zadnor, you will randomly gain Zadnor Lockboxes. You can take these to the Resistance Locksmith in Zadnor – The Southern Plateau (X: 34.9, Y: 34.3), who will unlock them. One of the random items you can get is the Modern Aesthetics – Both Ways. We wish you luck.

FFXIV Modern Legend Male Hairstyle

Modern Legend

This is the first hairstyle related to the Ishgard Restoration. To unlock this content, you’ll need to complete the main scenario quest “Litany of Peace” and have a Level 60 Disciple of War or Magic. Then you can pick up the quest “Towards the Firmament” from the Recruitment Notice in Foundation (X: 9.7, Y: 11.5).

Once it’s unlocked, you can access the Diadem. You’ll get Skybuilder’s Scrips for trading in items gathered from the Diadem, crafting Ishgard Restoration recipes, or completing Fetes within the Firmament. Once you’ve gained 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips, talk to Enie in The Firmament (X:12.0, Y:14.0) to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Modern Legend hairstyle.

FFXIV Saintly Style Female Hairstyle

Saintly Style

This is the second hairstyle rewarded from participating in the Ishgard Restoration. You can look at the “Modern Legend” entry above to learn exactly how to unlock that content. Once you’ve gained 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips, talk to Enie in The Firmament (X:12.0, Y:14.0) to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Saintly Style hairstyle.

FFXIV Early To Rise Male Hairstyle

Early To Rise

Within Bozja, there are alternate instances built for groups of players, similar to raids. Delubrum Reginae is one of those instances. This is a 24-player duty that becomes available once you finish the quest “Fit for a Queen”. As you complete bosses within the duty, their chests will contain Bozjan Golden Coins.

The second instance is The Dalriada. You’ll also take part in this special duty in Zadnor once you’ve reached Resistance Rank 25, as a part of the final Resistance Relic quest “March of the Bloody Queen” from Bajsaljen at Zadnor (X: 35.1, Y: 34.2). Boss treasure chests in this instance will reward you with Bozjan Platinum Coins and Bozjan Mythril Coins.

If you talk to the Resistance Supplier in Zadnor (X: 35.9, Y: 34.2), you can trade in 100 Bozjan Mythril Coins for a single Bozjan Platinum Coin. You’ll need five Bozjan Gold Coins and 30 Bozjan Platinum Coins in total to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Early to Rise item from the same vendor.

FFXIV Controlled Chaos Female Hairstyle

Controlled Chaos

This is the second hairstyle rewarded from participating in the Ishgard Restoration. You can look at the “Modern Legend” entry above to learn exactly how to unlock that content. Once you’ve gained 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips, talk to Enie in The Firmament (X:12.0, Y:14.0) to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Controlled Chaos hairstyle.

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