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How to Get the Bold and the Braid Hairstyle in FFXIV

If your Warrior of Light is lacking in courage, this hairdo might just do the trick.

With Final Fantasy XIV's newest patch comes a wave of added content for players to enjoy. Not only did Patch 6.51 introduce the FFXIV x Fall Guys collaboration and the newest Variant Dungeon, but it also added in all sorts of new items for fans to collect. There are new mounts, minions, and emotes, as well as a hairstyle that many fans are excited to get their hands on.

How to unlock the Bold and the Braid Hairstyle in FFXIV

In order to get Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid, the item that unlocks the hairstyle at the aesthetician, you'll need to get through the new Variant Dungeon. Completing Aloalo Island rewards you with Aloalo Potsherds, which can be used to purchase various new items. The hairstyle costs six potsherds, which shouldn't take you too long to earn. Once you've collected them, you can talk to Trisassant in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.0, Y: 13.3) and get the item from him.

ffxiv bold and the braid hairstyle.png
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

All that's left to do then is use the item, and then you can apply the hairstyle by calling the aesthetician at any Crystal Bell to change your Warrior of Light's hair. The Bold and the Braid is a stylish haircut featuring cornrows on one side and long waves that frame the face on the other.

Warning: spoilers for post-Endwalker main story ahead.

Interestingly enough, the style actually comes from the character Durante, Golbez's sole ally on the Thirteenth whom players are introduced to in Zero's memories. Known for his positive outlook in the wake of the Contramemoria and his unwavering courage, he's also known for his beautifully well-kept hair. Now your character, too, can have locks so luxurious that even the void itself can't shake them.

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