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The Spectral Carapace Emblem Is Still Missing in Destiny 2

The 2023 Festival of the Lost event came to an end, but one reward previously teased by Bungie remains suspiciously absent.

Destiny 2’s spooky seasonal event, Festival of the Lost, came to an end with the November 7 weekly reset. Yet one reward previously teased by Bungie remains suspiciously absent. 

Spectral Carapace is a purple emblem added to the game’s API as part of the October 17 update, and it prominently features a portion of a spider’s web with what appears to be the FOTL symbol. The larger version that would appear at the top of the character screen also shows the outline of the critter’s wings. All things considered, it’s pretty much the perfect spooky emblem to celebrate Festival of the Lost, but this season’s biggest mystery is its total absence.

The emblem first appeared in Bungie’s press images for the event as the official “FOTL 2023 emblem,” and its name was confirmed by Destiny Emblem Collector. In the weeks since, it appears that not a single player has received it as a reward. 

d2_FOTL_2023_Emblem-Social_Spectral Carapace.jpg

Within the API, the emblem’s source is listed as “Unlocked by a special offer,” which is a typical classification associated with special emblems that can mean a variety of things. The Guardian Games 2023, for instance, had the Apricot Dawn emblem in a similar category, which was awarded “to the top three Technical and Charitable teams during the Guardian Games 2023 Fundraiser.” Similarly, anybody could earn the Quantum Relay emblem for donating at least $25 to the Guardian Games 2023 fundraiser. 

Other “special offer” emblems become available to players who make certain purchases on the Bungie Store, so it may be possible that Spectral Carapace is associated with something like the Festival of the Lost Treat Set. Given the name “Spectral Carapace,” it could also have something to do with the Carapace Warlock set of armor. Festival of the Lost 2022 featured the Lost Pareidolia emblem as the event’s big reward that was part of the Triumphs associated with it. This time around, however, Bungie seems to have missed the mark with something similar.

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