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How to Get the Spectral Statice Mount in FFXIV

Let the fairy do the work as your soar through the skies!

Statice is the infamous fairy with a gun that appears as a boss in Final Fantasy XIV’s Aloalo Island Variant and Criterion Dungeons. But the Spectral Statice is also one of the most unique mounts in the game, seeing the Warrior of Light hoisted to the skies in the arms of the formidable fairy. 

This mount is tied, of course, to the Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon, but is one of the most difficult to obtain of all the rewards for this piece of content. Here’s how to get the Spectral Statice mount in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the Spectral Statice Fairy Mount in FFXIV

Image by FanbyteSquare Enix

The Spectral Statice Fairy Mount is a reward for completing all 12 routes of the Aloalo Variant Dungeon. Aloalo’s base version has branching paths, and you’ll need to follow a specific route, and often a different set of interactions. The dungeons starts with multiple directions for you to travel, and you should watch out for intractable objects, alternate paths, and choices you’re given as you run the dungeon. 

However, if you’re not one for exploration, you can instead follow a guide. This details all 12 routes, and the secret set of circumstances needed to complete all 12 journal entries needed to unlock the Statice fairy mount.

Image by Fanbyte via Square Enix

Once you’ve completed all 12 routes, you’ll be given the achievement “Good-willed Hunting.” To claim your Spectral Statice mount, go to your Achievements tab, and search for recent achievements or Good-willed Hunting in the Dungeons section of the Battle tab. Click the claim button on the Spectral Statice Flute, and then activate the flute in your inventory to obtain the Spectral Statice Mount.

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