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The Latest Destiny 2 Issue is Giving Players Headaches (Literally)

The Destiny 2 midseason patch finally went live yesterday after a host of unexpected server issues caused downtime throughout the day. But Bungie seemingly cannot catch a break this week, as players noticed a number of new problems after the game updated. These included broken mods, certain activities like the King’s Fall raid crashing the game, and quest progressed being locked. But one of the most frequently-reported issues on Twitter was one affecting Destiny 2‘s audio.

Apparently, many players are encountering issues with high-pitched sounds in the game. These sounds render as crackly and distorted, making for an unpleasant Destiny 2 audio experience. The effect seems independent of a user’s particular setup, as players have reported it occurring on both console and PC. According to reports on Twitter, some sounds play much too loudly, while others like the Hunter’s Shatter Dive and the Tormentor spawn effects in Root of Nightmares can barely be heard at all.

Some users have said that turning their FPS down to 30 has resolved the audio issues, though of course that’s only a short term solution. It wouldn’t surprise us if the audio problem is somehow connected to Destiny 2‘s frame rate, as a number of bugs in the past including unintentionally high enemy damage have been tied to FPS.

While Bungie has addressed several issues that have cropped up since the update, including one that caused unwarranted Crucible and Gambit suspensions, the Bungie Help account has yet to mention the problem with audio in Destiny 2. Perhaps we’ll hear more in this week’s TWAB post. In any case, Destiny 2 has been going through it lately, with seemingly every week bringing new bugs and unexpected downtime to the game.

Have you experienced issues with the audio in Destiny 2 since the midseason update? Let us know in the comments below.

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