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Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Bugs Guide: Season 18 Issues

All the current Destiny 2 Season of Plunder bugs, issues, and glitches.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder bugs were to be expected considering the nature of the live service game, but don’t fret, as Bungie is keeping track of reports as they come. While Lightfall is still on the far horizon, The Witch Queen still has a ton of tricks up its sleeve, and a new season is forthcoming to keep on expanding storylines and season passes while shortening our vault inventory spaces. This guide focuses on all the Destiny 2 Season 18 bugs and glitches so that you’re up to date, updated several times a week by yours truly.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Bugs – Season 18 Top Issues and Glitches to Date

Last updated on September 8th at 2:20 p.m. PT/5:20 p.m. ET.

 Season of Plunder Bugs

  • Players who join a Ketchcrash activity in progress may become trapped behind a closed door until fireteam members begin the boss encounter
  • In Ketchcrash, the health bar for the Security Optic may disappear or display inaccurate health totals if damaged too quickly
  • Players may be blocked from Seasonal progress if they return to orbit too quickly after completing the boss encounter of the Salvage and Salvation Seasonal intro. This can be resolved by players completing the intro again without returning to orbit on another character
  • Players with a full Quest inventory will be unable to successfully pick up the Captain’s Atlas during the Seasonal intro. This can be resolved by clearing Quest inventory space and acquiring it from the Postmaster
  • The Seasonal introduction cutscene may have extremely low framerates when viewed by players on the Epic Games Store. This can be resolved by updating the Epic Games Store client to the latest version
  • Players are unable to acquire Plundered Umbral Energy from the Season 18 Premium Season Pass Track until they complete the Season 18 introductory mission
  • Repeatable Star Chart Bounties can continue to be purchased when player’s Quest inventory is full

Top Issues Being Investigated


  • If a vaulted Seal and Title were acquired on a character that gets deleted, the Seal might not be able to be equipped again
  • A blank emblem may appear in Collections for players who participated in the Bungie Foundation Giving Festival
  • The Take a Seat emote displays a dark outline on players when activated
  • Stormtrance does not increase its damage over time when attacking
  • King’s Fall carries are not successfully recording, preventing players from earning the associated emblem
  • The Overzealous Triumph description does not accurately list completion requirements. Players need to complete the Basilica encounter while never allowing more than one player to stand near a Totem
  • Roaring Flames does not Scorch enemies when using an uncharged melee
  • The Charged Melee keybinding functions inconsistently with the Titan Thunderclap melee when in close range of enemies
  • The Heavy Handed mod functions inconsistently when players have greater than one stack of Charged With Light for multiple melee abilities
  • The Hive Rune puzzle bonus chest may not successfully appear at the end of the King’s Fall raid when all objectives are met. Players can help mitigate this issue by activating the final rune during the Oryx encounter, starting the encounter, wiping, and then completing the encounter as normal

Season of the Haunted Bugs

  • Players may experience BROCCOLI errors when viewing the opening cutscene for Season of the Haunted

Season of the Risen Content

  • Legendary PsiOps Battlegrounds doesn’t show that matchmaking is OFF
  • Weapons and UI elements may not successfully load when players enter the Mindscape

Error Codes

  • Bungie is investigating an increase in MARMOT errors


  • When attempting to import friends from other platforms for Bungie Friends, some platforms display an error and can’t import friends
  • Changing the platform setting “Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites” does not take effect until the game has been restarted


  • Bungie is investigating reports of issues related to low performance on PCs
  • Players running Destiny 2 with an integrated graphics card may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs
  • Laptops with Intel 12th generation Iris integrated graphics may crash in high-demand environments. Players can mitigate these crashes by ensuring Windows 10 is set to use only discrete graphics when running Destiny 2 via Windows->Settings->Graphics Settings, and select “High Performance” for Destiny 2


  • Players on Xbox One consoles are unable to join fireteams with other players from in-game unless they are in the same bubble. Players can still join others via direct console menu invites
  • Bungie is investigating an increase in crashes on Xbox Consoles
  • Players using the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny 2 who receive BOAR errors should ensure that they have successfully downloaded the necessary Compatibility Files prior to entering the game
  • The 120hz refresh rate option is missing on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles

Items and Weapons

  • The Hyperborean Pinion exotic sparrow cannot be obtained from Collections
  • The Cry Mutiny heavy grenade launcher incorrectly appears in the special grenade launcher section of player Collections
  • Quicksilver Storm has no weapon icon when equipped


  • The Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock helmet does not appear in Collections
  • The QuickSilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle has been disabled in Gambit, Crucible, Raids, and Dungeons

Quests and Triumphs

  • The Witch Queen campaign mission progress may not properly increase for all fireteam members upon step completion
  • The Eternity Crucible map did not count towards the Flawless Seal’s “This is the Way” Triumph
  • Xûr Exotic quest doesn’t receive progress for completing playlist activities
  • Iron Banner: Eruption is awarding Crucible medals instead of Iron Banner specific medals


  • A raid’s PGCR may incorrectly show zero damage dealt to the boss from all players
  • The rally flag sometimes doesn’t work in the second encounter of the Wellspring: Defend activity. This can be mitigated by waiting a few moments
  • Players can sometimes die when transporting to the Nightmare realm in the Duality Dungeon

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Bugs 2

Those are all the Destiny 2 Season of Plunder bugs so far, but do keep an eye on this guide and let us know if you encounter any further issues!

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