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PSA: Don't Miss The Destiny 2 Taipan-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle Drops

A new series of quests grant you with a few Destiny 2 Taipan-4fr Deepsight Resonance drops, and here's how to start them.

Season of Plunder has brought an array of new weapons to find and craft, and that includes the Destiny 2 Taipan-4FR linear fusion rifle. This weapon pattern is quite interesting, as it presents itself with some decent stats from the get-go. That being said, it’s during crafting that the weapon really shines thanks to available perks such as Clown Cartridge, Field Trip, Triple Tap, and others. Thankfully, unless you really want to grind Dares of Eternity and hope for the weapon to drop, there are a series of short-ish quests that can net you the Deepsight Resonance versions that you need.

As spotted by KackisHD on YouTube, here are the steps to get your hands on a few Taipan-4FR drops without too much of a time commitment:

  • Head over to the Enclave, go downstairs, and interact with the Relic Conduit, which is next to the Relic Resonance Engine
  • You’re going to see a new quest available called Ascendant Alloy Requisition — go ahead and accept it
  • This also unlocks the Foundry Resonance quest — accept it as well
  • Foundry Resonance is going to grant you the Ammit AR2 auto rifle with Deepsight Resonance, and ask you to complete the Deepsight and take part in any of the mentioned activities
  • Once the objectives are done, you’ll obtain a second version of the weapon with Deepsight, as well as a few more tasks
  • After you’re done, craft the weapon in the Enclave to finish the quest
  • Then, you’ll gain access to Foundry Shaping, which is the quest related to the Destiny 2 Taipan-4FR rifle
  • In a similar way, you’re going to obtain two versions of the weapon with Deepsight Resonance, as well as the Pattern to craft your own version afterward

Destiny 2 Taipan-4FR 2

That is all you need to know! If you’re wondering about which traits to choose from, we have a Taipan-4FR God Roll guide for you.

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