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Bungie is Considering "Major Changes" for Destiny 2's Power System

Players can expect an array of experiments around Power Level during Destiny 2's Lightfall year.

After the recent announcement of Lightfall, the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, developer Bungie said in an interview that it’s considering making “major changes” to the Power system. The changes would take place throughout 2023, and players can expect “some weird experiments to be flying through” during next year.

Speaking to GamesRadar, game director Joe Blackburn reflected on how adding crafting to the game was a scary prospect, but that Power is “that times 10” in comparison. “There’s some good stuff that Power does for the game,” he says, “and there’s some really bad stuff that Power is doing to Destiny right now.”

Destiny 2 Power System 2

While Blackburn didn’t mention any specific details of what to expect in terms of changes, he said that players are bound to see Bungie running some experiments to help the developer understand if they’re making the right decisions for the long run, listening to feedback from the community along the way.

“If we’re gonna do this overhaul,” he continues, “can we have some good data before we get there? And I think you’re seeing systems like Guardian Ranks coming online, things like crafting and titles and seasonal challenges. If we make big changes to this system, do we still have the progression we need in the game? Is there still stuff for you to do? Is there still a guide?”

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