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Destiny 2 LFG Guide — How to Find Fireteams

This guide will help you find reliable ways to LFG in Destiny 2 and familiarize you with the process.

Solo players can accomplish all sorts of objectives in Destiny 2, but competitive PVP and endgame PVE often call for communication and more firepower. Outside of your friend list and clanmates, there are other ways to LFG an acronym for Looking For Group. Season 23 brings an in-game Fireteam Finder, but until then, this guide provides reliable ways to LFG in Destiny 2 and some useful tips to find the right fireteam.  

How To Find Fireteams Through Destiny 2 LFG

Destiny 2 LFG


Destiny 2 Companion App

The Destiny 2 Companion app is one of the easiest ways to LFG. Click on the Fireteams tab to scroll through the current and scheduled lists of players looking to team up. 

Icons on each post signify the type of activity the fireteam request is for, and the pulldown menu lets you choose specific activities to streamline your search. You can change your search based on platform and language too. Also, the fireteam request title can tell you what that player is hoping to achieve or the type of player they want on their fireteam. When you join a fireteam on the Destiny 2 Companion app, the player who posted the request should invite you to their fireteam in-game. 

If you're posting a fireteam request, include as much information as possible in the title. Let players know whether you are looking to sherpa other players, need players with a mic, or want to play with chill people. 

Bungie Website

If you don’t have the Destiny 2 Companion app on your phone, you can go to the Bungie website instead. Go to the Community tab to access the Find Fireteam page. This Fireteam finder on the Bungie website works just like the Destiny 2 Companion app.

Reddit and Discord

Discord is an alternate way to find a fireteam, and you can be more communicative with your requests through text channels. Players can also join voice channels directly on the app. Also, popular Destiny 2 community subreddits — like r/DestinytheGame or r/Raidsecrets — have Discord servers with LFG channels. Posting on Reddit is another option, but you’ll find teams quicker using the methods listed above.

Give these LFG Discord and Reddit links a try and see if they work for you.

Common Destiny 2 LFG Phrases

Players often use words and phrases to indicate the type of fireteam they want to build. The Destiny 2 Companion app and Bungie's Fireteam page have limited title space when posting a fireteam request unlike Discord and Reddit so players shorten words or use acronyms. Here are some common LFG phrases. 

  • Kwtd: This means players joining the team should already know what to do.
  • Bring DPS/mods: Bring weapons that deal a lot of damage or mods necessary for the encounter. 
  • Mic/no mic: "Mic" indicates that players joining the fireteam should have a microphone to communicate with the team. However, "no mic" could mean that a microphone is optional or that the player who posted the fireteam request isn't using one.
  • GM: If you see "GM" next to the Nightfall icon, the player wants to complete a Grandmaster Nightfall.

Dealing With Toxic Players

Keep in mind, if you encounter a toxic team or cheaters, you can report them in-game or on their Destiny 2 fireteam request. The Reddit and Discord LFG sites should have ways to report players on subreddits and servers, too. 

Remember, that if you feel uncomfortable, it's okay to leave the fireteam. On the other hand, if someone joins your team and is making you and your teammates uncomfortable, you can remove them from your team in-game. Playing as a team should be a fun and safe experience for everyone. 

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