Fūnk-é Joseph

Fūnk-é Joseph

Fūnk-é is a writer, artist, and producer from Toronto. Their favourite game is (REDACTED). You can find their bylines in VICE, IGN, Paste Magazine, MTV, and more.





My Cat Reviews Cat Game Stray

Stray is out! It’s a game dedicated to cat antics, so who better to review it than my cat, Gogeta? He sat on my desk beside me while I played through the cyberpunk chronicles of 

You May Be Able to Get a Jungle Pet in League of Legends Preseason 2023

Riot Games unveils its preseason 2023 plan to “lessen [the] barrier to entry” for prospective League of Legends junglers by adding pets, according to a since deleted post on the 

Best Lagoon TFT Build Set 7.5: Synergies, Comps & Items

Hark, Summoner! TFT 7.5 Uncharted Dragonlands is live on PBE, and coming to main servers soon. It brings a lot of new traits, and some of them are confusing. Don’t worry though, we got you covered on...

Everything You Need to Know About TFT Mid-Set 7.5 Update: Comps, Items, and Meta

Wow, three months of Dragonlands has passed and the pool party themed TFT Set 7.5 is on the horizon with a boatload of updates ranging from comp removals and Nomsy’s glow up to Treasure Dragon changes...

I Miss You, Transparent Technology: An Investigation into the Y2K Clear Craze

I’m five years old, a young creature, in a daze while watching reality TV on a chunky cathode-ray tube in the living room with my family, when a sudden knock frees us from Jeff Probst’s thrall. Our ne...

MultiVersus Season 1 Patch Nerfs Bugs Bunny into His Flop Era

The latest MultiVersus Season 1 patch lands Monday, and it finally nerfs the despicable monster known as Bugs Bunny.

League of Legends' Star Guardian 2022 Event: All Details, Skins, Rewards, and Missions.

Get your sparkles ready because the League of Legends Star Guardian event is back with more skins, missions, and rewards for 2022. This year looks like the most packed Star Guardian event yet...

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is Adding a Roguelite and Story DLC for Free

It’s now two years after the viking fantasy’s release, and it is still chugging along; Ubisoft just announced a bunch of free Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s DLC including a roguelite mode, and t...

Why Does the Minions: Rise of Gru Soundtrack Go So Hard?

Yesterday, I saw Minions: Rise of Gru (somehow a day before the worldwide launch), and it was a surprisingly exceptional experience that threw me through a range of unexpected emotions. The c...

The Udyr VGU Rework is Real, Cool, and Coming to League of Legends Soon

The Udyr rework has finally been revealed as a frigid update that aims to revive a playable, antique League of Legends champion.

How Machine Girl Molded the Buoyant Beats of Neon White into a Non-Stop Rave

Neon White, the frenzied, first-person card-based speedrun incarnate, drops tomorrow, arriving with an equally hyperactive soundtrack from New York-based electronic artist Machine Girl. It’s...

Sephonie Depicts a Poetic Imagination of the Ocean

On my mission to research and document Sephonie‘s unknown wildlife, I constantly adapt to navigate its ever-evolving world. In the depths of a cavern, I wallrun and bounce off various fauna a...

Elden Ring's Undying Quest for Drip Extinguishes Black Self-Expression

This article contains light spoilers for Elden Ring, we warned ye Tarnished.

The Making of Jinx, the Loose Cannon of League of Legends

The charming blue-haired menace Jinx makes an emotional splash as the lead in Netflix’s heart-tugging Arcane. Growing up in Zaun, the poverty-stricken undercity of Piltover, was rough for her...

Fortnite Isn’t the Platform for a Martin Luther King Jr. Event

Over the past few years, Fortnite has transcended the traditional confines of a video game. It has simultaneously become a lucrative event venue raking in millions of dollars for performers lik...

Damn Daniel: White Vans Adventure is a Rhythm RPG Fever Dream

It has been six long years since teens Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz graced the internet with the phrase, “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans.” Since then, the bite-sized video platform i...

Sifu is a Sharp, but Uncomfortable Action Movie

Sifu does not care about you. It will kick your teeth in, spit on you, and watch you scramble as foes serenade you with a symphony of shit-talk. It is an arduous journey; there is no grinding...

Pokémon Unite’s Zapdos Turns Players Into Unstoppable Gods

When playing Pokémon Unite, TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company’s new joint collab MOBA, there’s a moment when the tide of battle becomes intense. 

Death's Door Tells a Tragic Tale of Limitless Life

I don’t think I can do this. In one of the final battles, I’m forced to use every piece of equipment in my pockets in a desperate attempt to match the pace of this boss, and I’m failing. It’s a lot to...

The Big Con is a Radically 90s Scammer Fantasy

From the original confidence man’s early ruses in the 1800s, to Soulja Boy selling janky game consoles in recent years, scamming is a cruel yet integral part of the North American ethos. After just a...