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Everything You Need to Know About TFT Mid-Set 7.5 Update: Comps, Items, and Meta

TFT's Uncharted Dragonlands is coming soon with Nomsy, new traits, and a bunch of unit removals.

Wow, three months of Dragonlands has passed and the pool party themed TFT Set 7.5 is on the horizon with a boatload of updates ranging from comp removals and Nomsy’s glow up to Treasure Dragon changes and fresh Little Legends. Curious about what Set 7.5 comps are good or what the release date is? Don’t stress, it’s chill. We got you covered on a guide to everything you need to know for TFT mid-set 7.5.

Everything You Need to Know About TFT Mid-Set 7.5 Update: Comps, Items, and Meta

What is the TFT Set 7.5 release date for PBE and Live?

TFT Mid-set 7.5 Uncharted Dragonlands will arrive on the PBE testing servers on Aug. 24, 2022, according to the development team. They say that changes on the test server will be constant, so don’t get too comfortable with any busted compositions. After a couple weeks of balancing, 7.5 will hit the live servers on Sept. 8, 2022 with patch 12.17. Now go out there and study these changes before the release date hits!

Who are Set 7.5’s New Little Legends?

Producer Christine Lai revealed the Prancie, Koi Starmaw, Hot Sauna Sprite, Dragon Trainer Pengu, and Bungo the dog dragon. Chibi Dragonmancer Lee Sin also makes an appearance, although Bungo and Pengu’s new look are the definite standout Little Legends in this mid-set 7.5.

What are Set 7.5’s New Arenas?

There are currently no known new arenas yet, but we’ll update this section once we get more information!

What New Traits are in TFT Set 7.5?

The new traits in Set 7.5 are Prodigy (shoutout Nomsy), Darkflight, Lagoon, and Monolith.

There are currently 29 traits, which are divided into 14 origin traits and 15 class traits. Here’s a list of them all: Astral, Darkflight, Dragon, Prodigy, Guild, Ragewing, Scalescorn, Shimmerscale, Jade, Tempest, Lagoon, Whispers, Mirage, Monolith, Assassin, Bard, Bruiser, Cannoneer, Cavalier, Dragonmancer, Evoker, Guardian, Mage, Mystic, Shapeshifter, Spell Thief, Starcaller, Swiftshot, and Warrior. 

The development team removed the Legend and Trainer traits, although Nomsy still lives on as a fully fledged unit. 

What New Units are in TFT Set 7.5?

Here’s a list of the new units in TFT set 7.5: Aphelios, Graves, Jax, Jayce, Kai’sa, Lux, Malphite, Nasus, Nilah, Nomsy, Rakan, Rell, Rengar, Seraphine, Sohm, Dragon Tyrant Swain, Taliyah, Terra, Wukong, Zac, Zeri, and Zippy. 

What New Items are in TFT Set 7.5?

Frozen Heart was the only item to get massively overhauled in this set, the frosty item is now reincarnated as a “Fimbulwinter.” When you combine Tear of the Goddess with a Chain Vest you’ll now craft Fimbulwinter, a tank item that gives shield, AP, and AD to allies within three hexes. Mortdog says the team implemented these changes to stop the “anti-fun” of Frozen Heart, and revitalize it so players still feel powerful when building this combo.

Other notable changes include Spear of Shojin now granting AP and faster cast, which makes it a much more feasible option to build. In the past, you would have to sacrifice damage for Spear, and now you get both! 

TFT 7.5 Chaos and Order Treasure Dragons Explained

Set 7 Dragonlands added the Treasure Dragon, a loot round that players can find items, gold, and other boons during round 4-7. Now Set 7.5 brings in an additional Order Treasure Dragon and Chaos Treasure Dragon to shake things up, so here’s a quick breakdown of what they actually do. The Order Treasure Dragon has a 30% chance to appear and is guaranteed to offer a Radiant Armory choice to the player; and a Chaos Treasure Dragon also has a 30% to appear, but is more erratic–potentially offering players emblems, target dummies, and even Ornn items. 

What are the Best Comps in TFT Mid-Set 7.5?

It’s quite honestly too early to tell! In our preview event there wasn’t a large enough match sample size for us to definitively let you know, but we’ll update this section when PBE goes live and there’s more data for us to sift through. We can tell you that Darkflight is an absolutely bonkers idea for a Set 7.5 comp that leads to some truly ridiculous plays. Swain is now a drain tank with health that is perpetually going up and down. Play Swain, he’s sick. Also a straight up Lagoon vertical feels quite fun to build as well.

We hope you enjoy our Set 7.5 guide, be sure to check back for updates and keep it locked to Fanbyte for all your TFT needs.

[Disclaimer: Both Riot Games and Fanbyte are owned by the same parent company, Tencent. We don’t often, like, chill together or anything, though.]

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