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My Cat Reviews Cat Game Stray

Gogeta, a 14 year old cat, writes the only piece you need to read about cat game Stray.

Stray is out! It’s a game dedicated to cat antics, so who better to review it than my cat, Gogeta? He sat on my desk beside me while I played through the cyberpunk chronicles of Stray‘s nameless Garfield, and he has a lot of thoughts on this video game.

A bit of context for this review:

  1. He’s a cat. He doesn’t like writing, but I let him sit on my keyboard so he could get his feelings out.
  2. He’s watched Stray from the beginning to the end, so this review may contain spoilers
  3. He’s sensitive about his writing, please don’t be mean to him. If you disagree with his review, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Without further adieu, here is my cat’s review of cat game Stray:

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Wow. I don’t know about you reader, but even editing this gives me chills. It’s truly a treat to be alive at the same time as a writer like this. If you’re a fan of Gogeta’s review, be sure to check out this Stray-themed YouTube video he has a cameo in. Amazing work, Gogeta. Thank you.

My Cat Reviews Cat Game Stray

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