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The Udyr VGU Rework is Real, Cool, and Coming to League of Legends Soon

The upcoming Udyr VGU is the latest League of Legends rework.

The Udyr rework has finally been revealed as a frigid update that aims to revive a playable, antique League of Legends champion.

This Udyr VGU has been a long time coming. The dude has been in League of Legends for 13 years, added only months after the MOBA’s release which dates back to 2009. Over all these years he’s somehow dodged most patch notes, never receiving drastic changes from his infamous Tiger, Bear, Phoenix, and Turtle Stances. After Udyr winning the polls of last year’s VGU update voting, Riot has since plunged deep into development of the frosty, Freljord-focused re-imagination of the Spirit Walker. You can watch the new Udyr rework gameplay trailer right here.

Udyr’s new League of Legends gameplay trailer teaches us a few things about his vicious new rework kit. The first is that he’ll be abandoning his traditional stances, now channeling the powers of the beast Volibear, frost phoenix Anivia, a boar spirit, and everyone’s pal Ornn.

Udyr Rework VGU Release Date

Udyr Rework: VGU Release Date and Champion Theme

Following the trailer, today the official League of Legends YouTube account posted up the booming guttural folk that serves as Udyr’s new champion theme song. The reverberating vocals and steadfast sets of strings convince you of a valiant, perseverant hero who’s shrouded in mystery. We don’t know to much about the Udyr rework release date, but if it follows previous VGUs it’ll be available by the end of summer.

Here’s a more in-depth description from a Riot press release: “With the ability to commune with any and all of the spirits of the Freljord, Udyr channels and transforms their ethereal energy into his own wild physical fighting style. Through his growing mastery of this awe-inspiring and versatile power, Udyr seeks to maintain the balance of the Freljord’s mystical landscape, where conflict and struggle is its lifesblood…and where sacrifices must be made to keep peace at bay. ”

[Disclaimer: Both Riot Games and Fanbyte are owned by the same parent company, Tencent. We don’t often, like, chill together or anything, though.]

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