Purchase Past Cosmetics with Destiny 2’s New Temporal Surge

Destiny 2 has changed a lot over the last year or so. Plenty of fans have left before coming back with the launch of Forsaken. Because of the game’s seasonal nature, there might be a round or two of Bright Engrams you missed. Yesterday, Bungie launched a new featured called Temporal Surge which brings back cosmetics from previous seasons.

Live now through November 13, the debut Temporal Surge focuses on Year One emotes. To not upset original owners, Bungie has made the Exotic items different from the originals. For example, the Temporal version of the Sweeper bot emote is green instead of the usual blue hue.

Here’s the pricing structure:

  • Rare Emotes: 200 Silver (Destiny 2)
  • Legendary Emotes: 500 Silver (Destiny 2)
  • Exotic Emotes: 1,000 Silver (Destiny 2)

At its cheapest level 500 Silver can be purchased for $5 so each Exotic emote will run you about $10. It’s quite a hefty price, more than most in the community are comfortable with. Especially because these can not be purchased with any Bright Dust you might have from breaking down other Eververse items.

For additional context you can get five Bright Engrams for about $8. This doesn’t feel like a feasible way to complete your collection which is what most players seem to be looking for. Instead this is just a way to get that one thing you missed and really want. That has it’s own value, sure, but the community thinks it could have been much, much more.

To be fair, Bungie has done a really good job at adjusting Eververse over the past year to be more user friendly. Dust rates have been adjusted. The Prismatic Matrix was introduced to give players a guaranteed non-duplicate item from that week’s selection. In addition, the Matrix weighs each item equally, removing the heavy weighting against Exotic items.

Given Bungie’s history, it’s safe to say we might see some adjustments to the pricing structure of the Temporal Surge or the ability to purchase them with Bright Dust.

We’ll keep you updated when the next Temporal Surge is available and if Bungie makes any significant changes.


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