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No Man’s Sky Expedition 7 Guide – All Leviathan Steps, Rewards, Tips

The Leviathan is here and it can be yours! With some work...

Expedition 7: Leviathan hits No Man’s Sky while we’re still fresh off the Outlaws Update and its Blighted Expedition. Hello Games hinted at the new event with a simple emoji of a whale: foreshadowing the new addition of the titular “leviathan.” This colossal, flying space whale is the centerpiece of the new Expedition. Yet the real difference is that Expedition 7 locks you into Survival difficulty and adds a new roguelike element to No Man’s Sky. If you die, it’s permanent, but there are rewards to be gained by doing so throughout the six-week story.

Otherwise, the core ideas are the same. Every player starts on the same planet and shares a list of Expedition goals. Said goals, and the materials required for them, are the same. Yet how everybody gets through each step will be a little different. Especially with permadeath and Survival difficulty to worry about. The early steps will be very difficult for returning players without a space whale’s worth of Units to simply buy your way past each problem. Even then, you still might want some help. That’s why we’re struggling through Expedition 7: Leviathan ourselves. That way you don’t need to make the same mistakes we do!

Note: this is by far the most complicated and difficult No Man’s Sky Expedition yet. Strap in for an extra-long guide and try not to get discouraged. You’re going to die during this mission, which means restarting from the beginning. Yet there are ways to speed up subsequent runs (i.e. taking screenshots of each Portal address on anchor planets). Be patient and don’t get discouraged! 

The Leviathan Expedition is live now and will be available for six weeks. It should expire around July 6. Remember to go claim your previous rewards from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion on the Anomaly on your other saves after you complete the mission!

UPDATE: Expedition 7: Leviathan is now over. It may return sometime in the future (as previous No Man’s Sky Expeditions have before). However, as of July 2022, it’s been replaced by Expedition 8: Polestar.

Leviathan Expedition Phases and Steps

There are five main phases in the Leviathan Expedition. Each of those is broken down into several additional milestones. Keep in mind that each milestone comes with significant rewards which will help speed up your progress. This includes resources, warp drives, and supreme mods. Make sure to claim each milestone reward as you progress, before proceeding!

One thing we recommend with this Expedition is looking over all five phases before leaving the solar system you’re in. Hello Games frequently uses systems where many objectives can be completed without the need for immediate warp travel. Another thing to note: the “optional” milestones at the end of each phase actually seem to be community research goals. You can contribute to these goals yourself by completing research for Polo. However, it’s basically impossible to finish them by yourself. You need to wait for the No Man’s Sky community to help finish them with you.

Phase One

This Expedition starts, like most of the others, by getting to your ship. This is especially important since the starting planet will kill you very quickly on Survival mode. You can worry about the actual “first” step of the Expedition, “Remembrance,” after you’re safe and comfy in your flying home. Just look for the black and white ship icon on your compass and sprint to the damaged ship. You should see it next to several other ships, since Expeditions start players in the same spot. Once again: make sure to enter your main menu, select the “Expedition” tab, and hit “Collect Reward” on each milestone, too.

One crucial side note for Expedition 7: Leviathan. Make sure to adopt a predatory animal on your starting planet by feeding food pellet and interacting with it and/or visit the local space station. Do this before making your first hyperdrive jump in each loop! This makes a Milestone in phase two much easier.

For phase one, however, the first step is to “retrieve a past life.” This might sound like something you need to find in the world, but it’s actually already in your inventory. Head to your inventory, find a Memory Fragment item, and interact with it to “Absorb Memory.” This is basically a loot box. It will generate a free item or technology based on the type of Memory Fragment you opened: such as a Coolant Network for protecting against extreme heat damage. Make sure to install each relevant technology as you open it (preferably in the “Technology” tabs of your Exosuit and Starship inventories).

You have several Memory Fragments to start. You will get more from Milestone rewards as you progress, so make sure to open them and install the relevant gear. These are going to be essential!

Step three, “Observing the Cycle,” just means to repair your ship. Let’s attempt to do that now. You should get some of what you need from your Milestone rewards. Yet we still need a Hermetic Seal and a Metal Plating to repair the Pulse Engine. These are crafted items you can make by clicking on any open slot in your Exosuit inventory. You only need 50 Ferrite Dust for the plating. This is one of the most common resources in all of No Man’s Sky — so just step outside your ship and mine it from nearby rocks.

The Hermetic Seal is much trickier. Normally we get one as part of the main story on a Normal save. There’s no such luxury this time around. Nor do we don’t have a blueprint to craft our own… yet. We actually need to skip to step four: “Iterate / Repeat” This has a very simple objective. You need to die. There are many ways to “achieve” this. The fastest will be to simply step outside your ship, het your jetpack, and fly straight up into the air. The fall damage should kill you quite easily on Survival. If not, just keep trying a few times until you whittle your health down. “It is inevitable,” after all.

Perhaps not surprisingly: this kicks you back to the game’s main menu. You need to reload your Expedition 7: Leviathan save. This will set you back to the beginning of the mission, outside of your starship, as if nothing you did actually happened. Including most of your previous Milestones. Though a few things will persist. More importantly, you will earn the “Iterate / Repeat” Milestone and the Hermetic Seal blueprint necessary to fix your Pulse Engine.

Be careful as you make your way back to your ship and… repeat everything you just did. Open your Memory Fragments, install your technology, repair your ship: everything must be redone. Only now you have the blueprints for a Hermetic Seal (plus a Base Computer that we can worry about later).

Exit your ship, open the build menu (Z by default on a keyboard) and build a Portable Refiner. This will let you create the Pure Ferrite and Condensed Carbon needed for the Hermetic Seal and other parts of your ship. You also need Di-hydrogen Jelly, which is created from the blue Di-hydrogen crystals scattered around the planet. Try to explore in a tight perimeter around your ship and grab any Oxygen you see along the way. You’re going to burn through the stuff pretty quickly during this Expedition. Craft some Magnetized Ferrite in your refiner and gather any Cobalt you see, as well. You need 50 of each for the next step.

Once the ship is fixed, it’s time to head into the stars and summon the Space Anomaly from your Quick Menu (X on the keyboard by default). This is where things get complicated… After you speak to Specialist Polo, who can be found in the upper floor viewing area of the Space Anomaly, they will ask you for various resources you simply don’t have: Ancestral Memories, Liquid Sun, and/or Somnal Dust. The requests for these items will be added to your log under three different “Loop Research” quests. Thankfully, each quest explains how and where you can get one of the resource types.

This means you have a few different options for how to proceed. The easiest of which is to harvest Liquid Sun. You should have gotten a blueprint for the “Solar Ray” multi-tool attachment from the last Milestone. Craft it using Magnetized Ferrite and Cobalt (you can get more of each on the starting planet if you didn’t craft/gather it before). You can also purchase the necessary resources from a Galactic Trade Terminal — either on a nearby space station, in a Trade Outpost, or if one spawns by your starting ship. If you’re short on Units to buy what you need, try “mining” some nearby animals with your gun. This will produce Meaty Chunks and other food items which sell for a decent chunk of change.

Go forth and collect enough Liquid Sun! Just shoot metal deposits on planets with the Solar Ray equipped your multi-tool. Metal deposits, in this case, means things like copper and other terrain spots that you can see via your Analysis Visor (F on the keyboard). Players who already completed the Void Egg quest should recognize all of this by now. If you haven’t done that, however, the Solar Ray functions exactly like the Terrain Manipulator. Switch your multi-tool to the device (G on the keyboard) and start soaking up Copper, Cobalt, etc. Any metal deposit will do! Make sure to grab some Sodium on your journey to the deposit, too. This is the fuel that recharges the Solar Ray.

While you don’t need to use the Solar Ray for this step (any of the research items will do), you will eventually need to build it for a later phase, so you might as well get it out of the way.

With enough Liquid Sun in your inventory (250 of the stuff is all you need), you can speak to Polo to finish the “Bounds Testing” Milestone. This provides two very important items: a Hyperdrive and a stack of Warp Cells to fuel it. With these you can finally start making your way to the first Anchor Point via the warp map.

To do this, open the map (this is the M key by default on keyboards) and make sure your destination is set to “Expedition Route.” This will draw lines to each system you need to warp between. Just follow the objective marker. Begin to make warp jumps to the first Anchor Point.

NMS Expedition 7 Leviathan Target Sweep

We’re just about home free. Or at least done with phase one… The Anchor Point objective marker won’t actually take you where you need to go. Instead, it will give you an approximate location. To find the precise location, pull your Analysis Visor back up again switch to “Target Sweep Mode.” The visor should actually do this by default if you’re within range of the Anchor Point, too. This visor mode will blink and beep whenever you’re looking in the direction of your objective — like a game of hot and cold. It should also show a total distance from you to your target. Follow the yellow markers and the beeping until you finally reach your objective. It’s an alien Portal.

We mostly only care about the blueprint we get by standing near it. However, you should interact with the Portal once and ask for its Glyph address. This will allow you to instantly travel between Anchor Points in all future runs during Expedition 7: Leviathan. This is extremely useful if you die during this roguelike mode, since it saves you time and resources that would otherwise be spent using your hyperdrive to warp from planet to planet.

This will finally allow you to construct the Memory Resonator and finish phase one of Expedition 7 in No Man’s Sky. You craft the resonator from your inventory like anything else, but it requires 16 Ancestral Memories. This is also one of the items Polo wants for their research. Thus you can check the log for how to acquire it. All you need to do is craft Creature Pellets from your inventory using Carbon, walk up to an alien animal, and feed it. This will allow you to befriend them and harvest Ancestral Memories by interacting with them again.

The other crafting materials are much more standard. Gold can be bought, mined, or found in asteroids by flying off-world and stopping in space. Chromatic Metal can be crafted in the Portable Refiner using Copper. Pretty basic stuff in No Man’s Sky terms. There is currently either a bug or an annoying issue where the Expedition path actually will shows new locations after completing the Anchor Point 1 Milestone, but before using the Memory Resonator to unlock “Wake the Past.” Know Memory Resonator needs to be used from your inventory on the same planet where you received the Anchor Point 1 Milestone. This is the planet known as Ennect. This confused us for hours, so don’t fall into the same trap…

To reiterate: craft the Memory Resonator without leaving the star system and use it from your inventory on Ennect. This will spawn a new objective. Walk towards it and prepare for some more Target Sweeping. You’re looking for a Traveller Grave. Interacting with it will finally complete Wake the Past. But be ready for a fight! Touching the grave will spawn several enemies nearby.

That’s it for the first chunk of Expedition 7! Time for the next. Here’s look at every Milestone completed thus far.

  • Remembrance – Retrieve a past life
  • A New Beginning? – Reach your starship
  • Observing the Cycle – Glimpse the Loop
  • Iterate / Repeat – Die
  • Bounds Testing – Help Polo search for patterns in the loop
  • Anchor Point 1 – Reach the first anchor point
  • Wake the Past (Optional) – Construct the Memory Resonator

Nice! That’s phase one complete. If you complete the optional Milestone of helping Polo with research, you’ll receive upgraded memory fragments. This will make all subsequent runs easier, since you will receive better gear whenever you die. Which is going to happen… Probably a lot. From here on out, you also receive cosmetic upgrades. Phase one awards Leviathan Poster plans, The Loop Poster plans, and Timesplice Poster plans.

NMS Expedition 7 Leviathan Language

Phase Two

At this point, it’s very easy to begin work on two more future Milestones. “Universal Language” can be achieved simply by speaking to three aliens of all three major specifics: Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen. You can find meandering NPC aliens on any space station. Whether that’s a normal station or an outlaw one. “Request dialect help” to learn words in their language. There’s typically a mix of all three aliens on every station, so just keep talking to each alien you see as you progress with your hyperdrive jumps toward Anchor Point 2. While you’re at it, stop by the Exosuit upgrade pod on each station and pay Units to upgrade your Exosuit inventory. This isn’t mandatory, but it’s a huge help.

Speaking of outlaw stations, you will likely pass by one on your way to the first Anchor Point. If you reach an outlaw system (which No Man’s Sky will message you about any time it happens) you can buy black market goods on the local space station from the Contraband Agent. Purchase as many as you can before warping to the next system! We’re going to flip these at the next “normal” space station. That is to say, if you sell smuggled goods at a non-outlaw space station, you make a tidy profit. This will complete the phase four Milestone “Hot Pursuit” as we progress. Luckily, there’s an Outlaw System just one jump away from the system with our second Anchor Point, too.

NMS Expedition 7 Leviathan infested

After we reach the system with Anchor Point 2, let’s start by building a base on infested world. This will give us a launch point for future activities (not to mention a free Minotaur with plenty of storage space). We don’t even have to search far! One of the planets in this anchor system is an infested planet. If you need help finding it, just look under the “Discoveries” menu and back out until you see all nearby planets. There you can see labels for infested planets — like Alecapae Beta in the screenshot above.

This new base will be very useful for the phase three Milestone “Call of the Void.” Infested planets have Whispering Eggs scattered all over the ground, so you can just explore around your base to find the 10 you need. Each egg shows up as a red diamond icon when using the Analysis Visor, so they’re not hard to find.

It’s now easy to reach the second Anchor Point and repeat the same steps from phase one. Go to the objective; use Target Sweep; activate the Memory Resonator; follow the next marker. You can pilot your Minotaur or another Exocraft to get there faster if you like! Don’t forget you can also summon your ship from almost anywhere using the Quick Menu.

NMS Expedition 7 predator

The next step, “Atonement,” is probably the most annoying mission in the entire Expedition. It requires you to befriend a predatory creature (the scorpion-like Monstrosities don’t count). These are irritatingly rare and only recognizable at a distance via vague clues upon scanning them. If an animal’s diet mentions meat or hunting, for instance, it’s a predator. If it mentions fruits, roots, and other plants, it’s not. Predators also get red-orange pawprint icons if you approach them.

Normally you would just have to search around for a predator at random to feed a Food Pellet and “adopt” by interacting with it. That second step is crucial, by the way. Just feeding a predator won’t count for the Milestone. We don’t need to bother with all that during this Expedition. We already know where to find a predator: on the starting planet. The place is crawling (literally) with killer dog-things. If you didn’t feed and make one into a companion at the start of the first phase, you can return via any space station teleporter. Just look for the oldest system in your Discoveries menu and find the station that matches in your list of teleporter destinations. You can see this is Rowland-Desk Prime in our screenshot above.

If you didn’t befriend a predator at the start, and didn’t visit the station to log it in your teleporter list… Well, it’s a roguelike mode! Just die and restart. You can absolutely blaze through the early steps now that you know what you’re doing. That or just craft some hyperdrive juice and fly back to the start. You can always use the teleporter to get back to where you were instead!

NMS Expedition 7 crashed freighter

Return to the Anchor Point system (if you teleported back to the starting planet). It’s time to finish this phase. This final Milestone requires multiple steps, but it should all be pretty standard to No Man’s Sky players. We just need to find a crashed freighter. To do so, purchase a Planetary Chart (Emergency Cartographic Data) from the Cartographer on any space station. Coincidentally, this NPC is always standing right next to the teleporter you might have just used.

Each chart will cost you one Navigation Data, but that’s easy enough to find. You can get it from multiple sources. The easiest way (without taking a detour to play through the main story of No Man’s Sky) starts with using a Signal Booster from the base building menu — the same way you place a Portable Refiner. Tell it to “Locate nearby structures.” This will mark structures for you to chart by approaching and interacting with their save point: the small white towers as shown in the screenshot above. Saving at each checkpoint will give you one Navigation Data apiece. Use this to purchase a few Planetary Charts (make sure it’s the Emergency Cartographic Data variety).

If you’re still having trouble finding Navigation Data, we also have a slightly more comprehensive guide to discovering the resource.

Each chart has a chance of leading to a downed freighter. You just need to keep buying charts and keep checking their objective markers until you get lucky. This is also a good way to get those Whispering Eggs you need. The Abandoned Buildings shown by your Signal Booster and sometimes your charts are often surrounded by eggs. Just be ready for a fight! After you steal an egg, a great many Monstrosities will appear to fight you. One good strategy for avoiding them is opening one egg, backing up, and letting them scatter. Then approach and grab more eggs. The game won’t immediately spawn another wave of Monstrosities if one is already active. Be careful either way. If these guys kill you, it’s back to the beginning of the loop.

No Man's Sky Leviathan crashed freighter

Once you finally find a downed freighter and interact with the smashed white orb nearby. This is what actually contains the ship’s log. It’s also all we need to do here to finish the Milestone. You don’t need to acquire any of the resources inside the freighter itself.

And that’s it for phase two of Leviathan! Here’s what this section should look like.

  • Anchor Point 2 – Reach the second anchor point
  • To Crave the Stars – Feel their hunger
  • The Anchor – Establish a base on an infested world
  • Universal Language – Learn 3 words in each alien language
  • Atonement – Befriend an aggressive alien creature
  • Fallen Giants – Explore a freighter crash site
  • Perpetuity (Optional) – Complete the second universal loop

Completes phase two. If you complete the optional Milestone of helping Polo with research, you’ll receive A-Class Memory Fragments (making subsequent loops even easier). As for your cosmetic upgrade, you receive a Temporal Starship Trail customization.

No Man's Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan

Phase Three

At this stage of Expedition 7: Leviathan, we’ve seen most of the latest No Man’s Sky tricks. It’s a lot of rinse and repeat from here on out with a few side objectives along the way. That means we once again start with finding and Anchor Point and using Target Sweep to find a grave. In between all that is a whole lotta hyperdrive jumping.

You should have already been able to complete some of those side objectives along the way, too, if you followed the previous tips. Such as “Call of the Void.” For posterity, though, you can find Whispering Eggs on the infested planet or at Abandoned Buildings found via the Signal Booster.

Once you interact with the third grave, you can craft your own Memory Fragment. This requires Silver (easy to get from shooting asteroids in space), Wiring Looms, and Pugneum. Wiring Looms are usually bought on the galactic market. However, the phase five Milestone “Cluster Horde” will give you 10 for free! Pugneum, on the other hand, is harvested from dead Sentinels. That’s actually perfect news for us. We need to kill 20 Sentinels for the phase four mission Pugneum Dreams. Just be careful as you blast them apart. Focus on the smaller ones with wrench icons above their heads, first, as these will repair the combat-oriented Sentinels.

That just leaves the Storm Crystals and Units. Odds are actually pretty good you’ve already acquired the 1,000,000 Units necessary for “Taking It with You” at this point. If not: sell stuff, kill pirates, take on side quests from the mission agent at space stations, etc. It’s pretty straightforward! Storm Crystals are tougher, but not too bad once you know where to look. These suckers are only found on “extreme weather” planets — worlds that have extreme storms of heat, toxic, frost, etc. You can find Storm Crystals on the ground during those extreme storms. They’re highlighted by a yellow lightning bolt icon in your Analysis Visor during those storms. If the planet spawns Storm Crystals.

Extreme weather planets pop up all over, but any planet with “activated” materials is guaranteed to have extreme weather. Activated Indium, Activated Copper, etc. can only spawn during extreme storms. Speaking of which: you can find Activated Copper and Storm Crystals on the fourth Anchor Point planet. Continue to the “Anchor Point 4” Milestone to find yourself the necessary Storm Crystals! Just be careful while you do it; extreme storms are nasty. Consider building a Minotaur bay and using your mech to progress. The Minotaur can pick up Storm Crystals without you needing to get out and do it on foot, too.

That’s it for this phase! Next we have part four.

  • Anchor Point 3 – Reach the third anchor point
  • Obsession – Feel their thirst
  • Call of the Void – Steal Whispering Eggs (10 in total)
  • Calcified Echoes – Collect Storm Crystals (5 in total)
  • Self Improvement – Summon your own Memory Fragment
  • Taking It With You – Earn Units (1,000,000 in total)
  • Recursion (Optional) – Complete the third universal loop

This completes phase three. If you complete the optional Milestone of helping Polo with research, you’ll receive S-Class Memory Fragments (making subsequent loops even easier… again). You also get a Whalestalker Cloak customization for your player character.

NMS Expedition 7 Leviathan sentinel pillar

Phase Four

Odds are good you already completed “Cluster Horde” on the way to this phase. You gain Nanite Clusters in a wide variety of ways: Nexus missions accepted from the Space Anomaly, killing pirates, killing Sentinels, searching Derelict Freighters, etc. By now you’ve probably also noticed that pirates are constantly hunting you. While they aren’t guaranteed to drop Nanite Clusters, killing them is so quick that it’s usually worth taking the chance you’ll get the reward. Otherwise, derelicts are your most efficient bet to get Nanite Clusters super quickly.

You should have already gotten an Emergency Broadcast Receiver or three from some of your Milestones. You can get another each week from Iteration: Helios on the Space Anomaly if not. Use this from your starship while flying through space, then activate the Pulse Engine to spawn a Derelict Freighter. This is basically a type of light, horror-themed combat encounter.

You explore the freighter and search for terminals to get data which can be sold at space stations. Along the way, the freighter is filled with crates that often contain Nanite Clusters. On top of that, completing a freighter will allow you to get a large lump sum of even more nanites. Finally, the Living Slime gained from destroying alien growth inside the derelict can be refined into Runaway Mould, which can be refined into a small number of nanites. Derelict Freighters even award a unique currency called Tainted Metal: which can also be refined into Nanite Clusters.

The major sticking point for this phase, though, is “Banished Glass.” You need to shut down Sentinel forces by interacting with a Sentinel Pillar. This is a large, orange planetary structure (shown in the image above). You can find it in a variety of ways. The most reliable (but very dangerous) way is by fighting Sentinels. You need to fight them until you reach a Level 5 wanted level, then beat the final wave of incoming Sentinels. This will reveal a Sentinel Pillar. However, you can also find the shutdown pillars “Sentinel Boundary Maps.” These are primarily acquired as a random drop from Salvaged Glass (which drops from dead Sentinels). So… either way, it’s time to kill some Sentinels. This works out well since we need to do that anyway for the Pugneum Dreams Milestone.

We’ve already gone over “Hot Pursuit” a couple times at this point, as well, but here’s a reminder. You need to purchase illegal items from the Contraband Agent on space stations in Outlaw Systems. Once you have those, just sell them in a “regular” (i.e. non-outlaw) system. The contraband doesn’t need to make you 500,000 Units in profit; it just needs to sell for that much money in total. You should be able to reach 500,000 very easily.

  • Anchor Point 4 – Reach the fourth anchor point
  • Monomania – Witness their folly
  • Hot Pursuit – Smuggle contraband (500,000 Units worth in total)
  • Banished Glass – Shut down a planet’s Sentinel forces
  • Pugneum Dreams – Eliminate Sentinels (20 in total)
  • Cluster Horde – Earn Nanites (2,000 in total)
  • A Way Out? (Optional) – Complete the fourth universal loop

This completes phase four. If you complete the optional Milestone of helping Polo with research, you’ll receive X-Class Memory Fragments (making subsequent loops even easier… again… and again). Plus a set of Organic Frigate Calf plans.

NMS Expedition 7 Leviathan

Phase Five

More warping. More Target Sweeping. You know the drill. You can then achieve the “Partners in Time” Milestone fairly easily along the way (if you haven’t already). This just refers to turning in five deliveries of Ancestral Memories, Liquid Sun, and/or Somnal Dust to Polo. The Somnal Dust on Derelict Freighters is probably the most efficient thing to farm very quickly. You can get thousands of the stuff in a single run. Not to mention we have a mandatory Derelict Freighter coming up anyway. So focus on “Anchor Point 5” and “Another Chance” first, if you haven’t already finished “Partners in Time.” We can kill two birds with one stone that way.

The next three steps won’t have names in your Expedition log until you complete “Another Chance.” The names and requirements simply unlock as you progress. They are called: “A Shattered Past,” “The Siren,” and simply “Leviathan.” The latter two are pretty straightforward, but “A Shattered Past” requires some explanation.

No Man's Sky Leviathan shattered past

After completing “Another Chance,” you will be tasked with returning to your ship and activating the Pulse Engine. It doesn’t matter where. Just pick a direction and go. You will eventually receive a Derelict Freighter distress signal with the objective name “A Shattered Past.” That’s our next objective. Turn off the Pulse Engine and land on the freighter that should spawn directly ahead of you.

Note: If you leave the freighter now, without completing this Milestone, it will be lost until you use an Emergency Broadcast Receiver. You get these as rewards from Polo, from certain Milestones, and Helios on the anomaly. To make things easier, though, simply don’t fly away from this freighter when it appears!

This Derelict Freighter plays out like pretty much all the others in No Man’s Sky. Only it has a bit of unique story for you to follow. The environment will shut down your jetpack and attempt to kill you with frigid temperatures, security drones, auto-turrets, and regular old suffocation. You need to slowly fight your way through — exploring every single room and activating three terminals along the way. There are a few things you can do to prepare and protect yourself.

  1. Clean out your inventory before entering
  2. Bring ammo and/or materials to make ammo
  3. Click on the blue, floating cylinders within the freighter to harvest Oxygen and Sodium
  4. Don’t open doors until you’re ready to walk through
  5. Activate the smaller heaters to create zones safe from environmental damage
  6. Shoot pustules on the floor to reveal hidden heaters
  7. Kill the mobile enemies first
  8. Don’t fight the auto-turrets unless absolutely necessary
  9. Interact with every datapad you see
  10. Bring a good gun (e.g. the Pulse Spitter)

We want a clean inventory because derelicts are full of valuable loot. That includes Somnal Dust, which you can get in droves by destroying the green pustules throughout the ship, and which we need for the Milestone after this one. Meanwhile, Oxygen and Sodium can be used to recharge your life support and hazard protection manually.

The derelict will also be full of automated enemies: floating drones and defense turrets. The drones aren’t hard to kill, but attack immediately and chase you down. That’s why we kill them first. Auto-turrets should actually be avoided altogether. They only attack if you step in the red security camera light they project. You can watch the red lights to gauge their patterns and then simply slip past them.

However, if you do decide to destroy a turret, be very careful about it. Peek around corners to shoot them and use cover when reloading. These turrets hit very hard and take a long time to kill. Don’t be afraid to simply sit next to a heater and let your shields recharge while you whittle them down. We’re so close to the end now and we do not want to restart the loop from the beginning!

With those hazards in mind, you just need to explore. There are about a dozen rooms in total. You need to check each one and activate those three terminals to finish a derelict. Each terminal typically gives valuable items. In this case, the third terminal will award a blueprint we need for “The Siren.” Each terminal also has a teleporter next to it which you can reactivate and use by stepping into it. This will let you fast travel around the Derelict Freighter — including back to the airlock at the beginning when it’s time to leave.

We don’t open doors (by shooting the tendrils that block them) until we’re ready to go through. This is because you can use the Analysis Visor to see which doors you have already opened and which ones you haven’t. Since there’s no map inside the derelict, this is the best way to keep track of where we have left to go. That way we don’t get lost. Normally we also pick up the datapads because they can provide passwords to access some of the terminals. The password doesn’t actually seem to matter in this story-based mission. However, it’s worth picking up the datapads to get the story of what created the timeloop in Expedition 7: Leviathan.

Return to the airlock using the teleporter once you have the blueprint for the Whalesong Flute from the final terminal. We have just a couple more quick steps to complete. The first is to actually build the aforementioned flute. Luckily, this just needs some of each research item: 32 Ancestral Memories, 32 Somnal Dust, and 32 Liquid Sun. We’ve already explained how to get all three throughout this guide. On top of which, you should already have plenty of Somnal Dust from the story freighter we just completed.

Get back on your ship, fly into space, and activate the newly created Whalesong Flute from your inventory. This will call the Leviathan and put an objective for you to fly towards. Now simply speak to the Leviathan to complete the final step of Expediton 7! Congratulations and enjoy all of your rewards.

  • Anchor Point 5 – Reach the final anchor point
  • Another Chance – Confront their past
  • Partners in Time – Find patterns in the loop (5 research missions in total)
  • // ..?.-? . -. – ..? -. –?. // “@?kkk??ttzz?t” (A Shattered Past)
  • // ..?.-? . -. – ..? -. –?. // “@?kkk??ttzz?t” (The Siren)
  • // ..?.-? . -. – ..? -. –?. // “@?kkk??ttzz?t” (Leviathan)
  • Unbound (Optional) – Complete the final universal loop

Completing phase five of the Leviathan Expedition will award a big stack of Memory Fragments, the Title: Looper customization, Leviathan Expedition Decal plans, and a Leviathan Expedition Banner.

Completing the entirety of Expedition 7: Leviathan appropriately rewards you with The Leviathan as a Frigate for your Freighter fleet!

Update: The latest public No Man’s Sky update seems to have fixed the final Expedition reward! The game previously miscategorized its optional Milestones as mandatory. This meant players couldn’t claim their final reward at all, since those Milestones are community goals still in the process of being completed, but this is no longer an issue. Simply log into the game and you should soon see your final phase completion message appear onscreen. From there, you can acquire the Leviathan frigate in your Expeditions menu.

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