The Vainguard, a Destiny Fashion Column: Undying Light Edition

Welcome back to The Vainguard, a column described by Commander Zavala as “a gross misuse of resources” and “published weekly.” This week I had no theme in mind — I just asked you to show me your favorite Destiny 2 looks as we approach the end of the Season of the Undying. You didn’t disappoint, serving up some eerie, opulent looks. Here are a few of my favorites.

Destiny 2

Dillon Skiffington (@Skiffington_)

Fanbyte’s own Dillon Skiffington sends in this look, which to me says “charismatic yet mysterious robot priest of an apocalypse cult.” I like the way the tabard and robe reveal a little of the mechanical working of the legs beneath — it’s a flirty, yet practical look for the space wizard on the go. The use of pieces from different sets works here because of the organizing principle of the vertical line, an element that can be seen in the slit of the helmet as well as the robe’s stripes. Seriously, though, how do Warlocks see through their helmets.

Destiny 2

lust crazed muck man (@fartknuckle)

I love this Titan, who is presenting a kind of astro-knight image created via the combination of Iron Banner gear, the Seasonal Mark ornament, and the fantastic Dreambane helmet. All Titans evoke armored warriors with their broad shoulders and imposing profiles, but this one stands out with its sleek, rounded lines and uniform, bright coloring. The contrast between the Guardian and their Sparrow is superb too — we can easily picture them racing across the battlefield on their steed, gallantly rushing in to combat on the front lines, uttering the cry that strikes fear into all who hear it: “I’m a Titan.”

Destiny 2

mike (@MrNewSincerity)

Finally, we have a Warlock look that incorporates a number of extravagant pieces yet pulls them together through the Solar theme to create a cohesive visual identity. Taking advantage of both the conversion of Eververse gear to Universal Ornaments and the removal of inherent perks from armor pieces, this Warlock is equipped with the Robes of Optimacy and the Kairos Function Crown, whose upwards-reaching, golden lines represent the rays of the sun. The floral detailing on the robe sitting beneath is a lovely detail, seeming to be nourished by the sun’s rays above. And the Exotic Sunbracers, rather than overwhelm with their glow, feel perfectly natural here within the theme and alongside the bright white fields of the robe and boots.

That’s all for this week — thanks to everyone who submitted a look, and I hope you’ll do so again if yours wasn’t featured this time. I’ll be back next week, so keep an eye out on Twitter between now and then for another call for Guardians. And remember: saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.

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